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Reinventing Your Career

The Senior-Level Career-Reinvention Checklist
from the Summer 2011 Public Relations Strategist provides these job-search tips for executive-level professionals:

  • Appearance. Outdated clothes or hair can make a negative impression on prospective employers. Look sharp and make sure you’re up-to-date.
  • Résumé. Experience is a plus. Don’t let your résumé date you — use it to show off your assets.
  • Interview. Get comfortable with the fact that someone younger may be inteviewing you. Maintain a confident, positive attitude and relate current, relevant experiences.

Giving Back to the Profession

You have achieved a certain level of success in your career, but professional success doesn't always equal personal fulfillment. If so, you may want to consider some ways to give back to the profession.

Furthering Your Education and Knowledge

PRSA has a variety of options relevant to senior professionals, including help with pursuing your Accreditation in Public Relations (APR);  connections to our Graduate School partners; and advanced Professional Development and training opportunities that can help present your career highlights in the most effective way.

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