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  posted: March 4,2014 08:23 AM -- submitted by: Vlad
Q11: My question is a bit least to me. I got accepted to a masters program in strategic communication and public relations in an American college in Greece. Is it accredited in the United States and feel it is a great opportunity. I want to know what opportunities do I have with this type of program and if it is worth me doing? Will getting this degree further my knowledge and opportunities? I just am going crazy because I feel this is a big gamble. But I feel no reward without big risks.

A11: Vlad,
No one can answer these questions but you. An accredited school is always a good choice. Whether you have additional knowledge and opportunities depends on you, on how hard you work, on how open your mind is, on the classes you select and how deeply you embed yourself in the Greek culture and language while you are at University. Consider the advantages you can gain from being a resident in another country. Have an understanding of multiple cultures is critical in today's business world and will only become more so as our world gets smaller through technology.

Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: March 3,2014 11:52 AM -- submitted by: darren
Q12: IM 17 and have no GCSEs or job experience and finding it really hard to find a job in Southampton that are hiring people like me, i don't want to sign on i wanna work for my keep but the way things are going at the moment it looks like im going to have to

A12: I'm not sure what your question is. Are you looking for full-time employment? What is your education level and what are your skills? What are you offering an employer? How would you be able to help the employer meet business goals? How are you presenting yourself?

Talk with your local government offices who work with new and displaced workers. They will be able to give you advice specific to your location and your skills.

Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: February 27,2014 04:43 PM -- submitted by: michelle
Q13: Hi there. I am an Emmy award-winning television news producer with 15 years of experience. I'm looking to transition from TV to PR. After so many years in the same profession, how do I successfully make the transition? Are there things I should be doing before I apply for a media relations or community affairs position? How do I know which field is right for me? (I'm interested in corporate media relations, hospital media relations and community affairs.)
Thank You in advance.

A13: Hi Michelle. Your television career has given you many experiences that could be useful in a public relations career. However, public relations is very different than being a news producer. No doubt you used PR professionals to gain access to interview subjects. Perhaps you could contact some of those people, especially those in your areas of interest, to talk with them about their jobs, what they do, what knowledge, skills and abilities they need to be successful in their jobs. I also encourage you to take an introductory course in public relations at your community college. The next thing to think about is, are you willing to start at the bottom. It is unlikely that your 15 years in journalism will position you for a mid or senior level position in public relations. I would be happy to talk with you off-line if you would like additional guidance. My number is 717-580-8160 or email me at
expert response from: Deborah Saline, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: February 27,2014 12:17 PM -- submitted by: darshana
Q14: hi

I have completed Bachelor of engineering in Computer Science and MBA in Human Resource Management from India.

I have a year and half experience in HR. but I have always been keen towards Public Relation and wish to take a carrier change in the same but cant pursue further studies into the field.
I was wondering if I could get started with an Internship or some guidance where in I can learn or gain experience in the filed and start towards making the carrier in this field.
plz Advise

A14: As you have correctly identified, you will need to gain an understanding of public relations and the knowledge, skills and abilities need to be a PR professional.

If there is a professional organization, such as PRSA, in your community, join it and attend meetings. Meet PR professionals and talk with them about their jobs, how they got their start in the profession, shadow them, etc. From this networking will come a better understanding of PR and, perhaps, an internship opportunity.

At a minimum, you'll have a better basis for your career decision.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: February 21,2014 12:21 PM -- submitted by: Holly Montgomery
Q15: How important are references?

A15: Holly,
What is the context of your question?

Are you asking about references for a position? If so, they are very important. You need to consider the person and what he or she might say about you. Generally, the hiring manager asks for references when he or she is planning to hire you. Before you give your references to anyone, be sure you have connected with the reference and suggested the things he or she talk about -- things that align to the specific position you are seeking.

As a rule of thumb, avoid relatives. Pick people who know you well -- colleagues, supervisors, clergy. Make sure the person can talk about your work abilities, not just about your character. If you are a recent graduate, professors are an other choice.

Good luck.
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: February 20,2014 10:53 AM -- submitted by: Dawn
Q16: I have a BS in Marketing and have worked in Advertising for a local newspaper and media company for almost 5 years. I am really interested in the PR world, and would like to find out what it takes to get hired at a PR firm with my type of experience. Also, how do I get started in the right direction?

A16: Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations are related, but different functions and disciplines. Each has its own skills, abilities and knowledge. As you contemplate a switch, you should gain understanding of the public relations profession before attempting to "get hired at a PR firm."

Have you networked with PR professionals? Do you understand what we do and the preparation we have? Have you shadowed a PR professional or, better yet, several professionals to gain more information about our profession.

If you decide, after this initial exploration, that you want to make the shift, you might want to consider taking the APR exam to have credentials that would increase a PR firm's interest in you.

Good luck in your transition.
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

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