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  posted: June 5,2014 11:21 AM -- submitted by: Steve Guenza
Q16: Hi,
I am writing for my son. He just attended our local community college and has been accepted to Boston Univesity and to University of San Diego. He is majoring in Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations. He knows that Boston is superior with its communication program, but is about 3 times more expensive. Our question is, How important to employers is a degree from Boston vs. San Diego? Is is really worth the price for his future? He would be in about 80k in student debt with BU

A16: Many variables will change the answer to the question. Each employer has his or her preferences and prejudices. Here are some questions for your son to ponder.

Is your son's intent to work on the east or west coast?
Is he planning to work in a corporation, government, nonprofit organization?
Is he planning to work immediately following graduation or go to graduate school?
How much has he or have you saved for his education?
Can he earn scholarships?

I suggest your son -- not you -- make a comparison of what he knows about each college, questions he has about each, possibilities he sees in each and where his passion lies related to each institution. Putting those things on paper often clarifies thinking.

Good luck to your son,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: June 5,2014 11:12 AM -- submitted by: Illya
Q17: I need to be able to attend a course on Wednesday later afternoons, but I also need to work full time. Do I not bother applying to 9-5 positions or should I try anyway? If so, when do I disclose? I'm afraid that if I say so in the cover letter I'll never get an interview. Do I hedge my bets and try to win them over during the interview and then tell me, but risk wasting people's time?

A17: I have never found hard and fast rules for this type of thing. You should be very clear on what this class is, if it is work related (skills that will help your employer achieve its goals), what is the duration of the class, why you need to take it and why only at that time, are there others involved, is it court ordered, etc.

Your conscience will need to guide you on how you handle it once you have clarity around the why of it being during normal work hours. Many companies have flexible scheduling -- just one of many variables that might affect a reaction.

Often during the interview and hiring process, employers are willing to adapt to special situations like this. During your initial exploration of the company and networking of people already employed there, ask about flexibility and accommodation. Do your homework so you know how to build your case and adapt your question to the company's policies.

Good luck.
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: May 22,2014 09:23 AM -- submitted by: Sans
Q18: I got 72.67% in PCB in my ISC. Will I get good medical college. I want to be a gynaecologist.

A18: This site provides information for people in the public relations/communications field. You will need to seek a site related to medical school and health care to get an answer to your question.

Good luck.
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: May 10,2014 10:44 AM -- submitted by: vidhya
Q19: sir,i passed SSLC with 94% ,passed +2 with 83% and now i am a final year bsc computer science student.I joined a bank coaching institute,but i would like to continue my studies.Sir please suggest a good course and university so that i can continue my studies as distant along with bank coaching.

A19: From your message, it appears your are a computer science major. This is not our area of expertise. We are public relations and communications professionals.

I suggest you look on line for a professional IT site which offers help for computer science students.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: May 5,2014 07:02 PM -- submitted by: samarth
Q20: what is the starting salary after the completion of the german language course and what are the future prospectives??

A20: What are you planning to do with your German language degree? You will need to look at the industry you wish to work in -- interpretive services, foreign service, banking, etc.

Once you have determined that, you will want to explore the industry and connect with professional industries in that field.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: May 5,2014 01:08 PM -- submitted by: Angelica Klarman
Q21: I am a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I received a bachelor degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. I am struggling to get a job. I was wondering if you can give me any advice on how to land my first job out of college.

Thank you.

A21: Angelica,
The simple answer is always network. But before you begin networking, do you have a well done and professional looking resume? Do you have business cards? Do you have a template for an excellent cover letter?

Once you have all those things in place, connect with your instructors and ask them for names of people with whom you can network. Request a 15-20 minute informational interview with these people and find out how they began their career and tips they may have that apply to your specific industry. Also ask for recommendations of other people with whom you can talk.

Finding a job is your current full-time job, so approach it as you would any job. Spend 8 hour a day working at it and keep talking to people.

You might also want to attend some local chapter PRSA meetings to meet PR professionals and learn more about their careers and how they practice PR.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

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