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  posted: January 9,2015 11:41 AM -- submitted by: Tracie Dehart
Q21: I have a bachelor of science degree in Microbiology and have worked in the food and pharma industry as a manager and in several Quality roles. I am ready to make a career change and have done alot of research on PR and really would like to get an entry level position and try it out. I am just not sure how to begin. I have updated my resume to a transferable skills format and sent it out but am not quite sure how to get an interview or what else I could do to set myself up for success. Advice

A21: Have you prepared beyond paper/library research of public relations careers? Do you know any PR professionals? Have you taken any PR classes? Have you shadowed a PR professional? Have you interviewed PR professionals? Have you attended professional public relations seminars and meetings -- such as your local PRSA chapter meetings? Have you worked with a nonprofit in its PR/Communications/marketing group?

In short, have you networked within your local PR community? If so, you've done the right things and people will remember you if your skills are what they need. If you haven't networked, get started. It is the best way to find a new position.

Also, consider joining a professional organizations such as PRSA or IABC or another in your locale. Attend its meetings.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: December 30,2014 09:52 AM -- submitted by: Edgar Diaz
Q22: I recently graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications with a minor in Psychology, I choose this major because of my passion for helping people. I have more than eight years in the food and restaurant industry where I worked mostly as a bartender, seeing and dealing with different personalities everyday. I am kind of lost in my job search I don't really know what kind of field to pursue, I want to focus on a career in which I could utilize my communications skills and grow. any advice?

A22: Have you talked with career counselors at your university? That would be a good place to start. Ask to be connected with others who have graduated with your degree and are currently working in their chosen field.

Find out about local professional groups in your area, such as PRSA, and attend some of the chapter meetings to meet and network with working professionals. Ask them what they do, how they got started in the profession, etc.

If you're a PRSA member, through the College of Fellows, you can request a mentor. It's a member benefit. A member of the College will review your resume and talk with you about possibilities in the PR and communications field and answer questions when he or she knows more about your background and your skills.

Good luck.
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: December 25,2014 11:13 AM -- submitted by: Janelle Mora
Q23: I'm a student at California State University Long Beach. I'm going to graduate in May 2015. I'm interested in a career in Public Relations. However, I currently live in California but I will be looking for jobs all over the country. My question is if I get a job offer in another state will my employer pay for my move?

A23: Janelle--

While it is possible that an employer would pay moving expenses, that would be unusual. When an employee is transferred, it's common for the employer to pay such expenses. And when an employer has recruited a person with unusual capabilities and experience, it's common for the employer to pay. But for someone seeking a first job, you'll find that the employer's paying moving expenses would be highly unusual.

If you are a public relations student at Cal State, I assume you are required to complete at least one PR internship. I encourage you to complete even more than one internship. If that is not possible, please volunteer with a nonprofit organization. These activities will allow you to build a portfolio of your work that will be extremely helpful as you seek employment.

Best of success to you!
expert response from: Jim Haynes, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: November 16,2014 01:22 PM -- submitted by: CJ
Q24: I want to work in PR. I have a BA in communications, writing skills, and lots of experience in online web design. However, I have been out of full time work for over 5 years. I'm a stay at home dad. What are the chances of me getting into PR? Since I am a 54 year old man are the chances against me? What avenue should I take? Thank you.

A24: I think you would benefit from in-depth conversation with a mentor who could look at your resume, ask specific questions, understand your location and your situation more fully than we can do here. If you're a member of PRSA, you can request a mentor through the College of Fellows on this site. As a member this is a benefit and you will have no additional cost.

If that isn't possible, network within your local public relations community. Attend meetings, make calls. Ask friends and family who they know in the public relations profession and make cold call. Most jobs, as you probably know, are found through contacts within your network. Put the network to use.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: November 16,2014 01:16 PM -- submitted by: funke
Q25: I will like you to assist and advice me more in getting a MS in health Communication.I have develop my passion towards the course but schools have seen are quite expensive though and the course is somewhat scarce as well.
For my undergraduate degree,I studied Communications.
Also,am still finding it hard getting my self a line of study for my masters aside the health communication.I will like to discuss with a mentor perhaps, that will get me back on the road to gaining a master degree

A25: Are you a member of PRSA? If so, you can request a mentor, at no cost, through the College of Fellows. It's a great member benefit and the mentor will be able to review your resume, classes you've taken, interests, etc. and make recommendations specific to your situation.

If you aren't a member, I recommend connecting with your college adviser who might be a mentor or can point you in the right direction in your local.

If neither of these things work, begin networking within the public relations community in your locale. Attend professional meetings, talk with people at meetings and make appointments to talk later.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: November 16,2014 01:11 PM -- submitted by: SOURAV ANAND
Q26: Sir i dont have 60% marks in 10 and 12 but i have completed my BCA and MCA in a good way . I only want a thing is that can i make a good carrer in IT field.

A26: Not sure what your question is, but it appears to involve IT. You might want to search an IT professional organization and ask them. Our area of expertise if public relations.

Good luck,
Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

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