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  posted: April 29,2016 03:47 PM -- submitted by: Hope Kim
Q21: Please give me some advice on finding a job in the US. I have 1.5 years of experience from globally well-known PR agency in Korea, and recently moved to the US for personal reason. I've submitted numerous resumes for entry level and 1 year experience positions for agencies in the US, yet I haven't received any responses for an interview. I also have a B.A. in communications from a college in the States. *Note: I do not need a visa support.

A21: You need to KNOW each person to whom you submit a resume. Join the Public Relations Society of America ( and attend the meetings of your nearest chapter. Go early so you can meet professionals, and exchange cards with those you meet. Volunteer to help with the chapter’s activities (Usually a chapter has a volunteer coordinator.)

After you have met a person, follow up by email and ask for a 20-minute “informational” meeting to gain information about the local area and possible job opportunities. Ask the person for recommendations on people you can contact.

Check the chapter’s website and examine the list of officers, board members and committee leaders. If you find a person who works in the kind of organization that interests you, contact that person by email and ask for a 20-minute meeting to get acquainted with that kind of organization.

Remember that public relations opportunities exist in corporations, nonprofits organizations, government agencies and public relations firms. Titles of the PR people, in addition to public relations, may be corporate communications, public information, public affairs, human resources, marketing and others.

Keep careful records of those you contact so you can use a person’s name when you contact someone who has been recommended to you.

Good luck!

expert response from: Jim Haynes, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: April 27,2016 06:25 PM -- submitted by: Lorali Simon
Q22: In public relations, is there a difference between a director and a manager? Which position would be higher on the organizational chart?

A22: In my experience, a director is usually the higher job title of the two. However, each organization has its own way of creating position descriptions, responsibilities, titles and hierarchy. Such structure would generally be similar from one functional area to another.

Ask to see the organization's full organization chart to understand how that group is structured.

Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: April 26,2016 10:45 AM -- submitted by: Matt
Q23: Is it common for a director-level Communications/Marketing compensation package to be skewed heavily toward organizational achievement of sales goals?

A23: An organization constructs its position descriptions and its compensations packages in the way it feels best meets its business goals. There isn't really a "common" way.

Have you discussed with your direct manager and HR the rationale behind this? I have worked in organizations where meeting financial goals was used in the calculation of compensation.

Communications leaders play a direct role in meeting financial goals through our work, especially in employee communication, annual report development and media relations. Frequently, we work with the sales/marketing group to tell the story of how our product or services benefit our clients/customers.

The fewer silos within an organization, the better the company usually performs. And those things which have everyone's attention (in your case sales) are generally the things that get accomplished.

Margaret Ann Hennnen, APR, Fellow PRSA

expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: April 25,2016 11:19 AM -- submitted by: Sanu
Q24: Please tell me that we want to the going in the pr agency then what is the job best for the me

A24: Sanu,
Is your question what job to pursue at a PR agency? If so, you need to talk with someone who knows your education, background, interests and so on. That requires a one-on-one conversation with a Public Relations professional. If you're a member of PRSA, the College of Fellows offers that service through its mentorship program.

In the mean time, you could attend local PRSA chapter meetings and /or seek our local PR professionals and ask to talk with them about the various kinds of jobs in a PR agency or in a corporate or academic setting. Ask them what skills those jobs involve, how the person prepared for a PR career and similar questions.

Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: April 25,2016 11:13 AM -- submitted by: Sruthi
Q25: I m 2012 pass out ece student learnt .net course.I m still searching for job.companies asking for experience now.friends suggested me to do cloud it best for me at this time?

A25: Looks as if you need advice on an IT career. That is not our field of expertise.

Perhaps you can find a professional IT organization with someone who can help you.

Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA
expert response from: Margaret Ann Hennen, APR, Fellow PRSA

  posted: April 23,2016 01:34 PM -- submitted by: Devin Trottet
Q26: Hello,

I will be attending UPenn in the fall. Many people at my high schools have never heard of the school. Will employers know UPenn? Will they know that is an ivy league school? And lastly, if someone came to you asking for a job with a degree from UPenn, would you be impressed?


A26: Devin--

Awareness of universities varies depending upon geographical location. For example, I teach at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas. In Texas, and especially in North Texas, SMU is well known and respected. But in Philadelphia, I suspect a person wouldn't have a clue about SMU.

If someone came to me asking for a job in public relations (which is what this website is all about), I would (1) examine the person's resume; (2) ask the person what communications courses he/she took at UPenn, then (3) go to the UPenn website and search for the academic department that teaches journalism, public affairs, corporate communication and public relations. In my search of the UPenn site, I found no such courses. So if the person were seeking a job in public relations, I would not be impressed by the UPenn degree.

If you plan to study a discipline other than public relations, you'll have to ask someone who works in that discipline about the quality of UPenn education in that discipline.
expert response from: Jim Haynes, APR, Fellow PRSA

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