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Volume Discounts and Loyalty Rewards
PRSA Jobcenter Staffing Solutions

If you plan to post several jobs during the year, consider PRSA's Jobcenter custom solutions, including volume discounts and loyalty rewards. Jobcenter also provides discounted prices for posting jobs for internship, entry-level and freelance positions. We have a solution for every budget. Contact Richard Spector at (212) 460-1406 to see what PRSA Jobcenter can do for you.

High-Volume Discounts
Volume discounts offer cost-effective solutions for multiple hires. The more you post, the more you save. Post three jobs, and get a free posting. Post 10 jobs, and get two free postings. Call Richard Spector at (212) 460-1406 for a customized package.

Loyalty Rewards
When you post a job on PRSA Jobcenter, we'll do more than just say "thank you." We  send you helpful tips and a discount code for future posts.