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Posting Upgrades

Increase Your Job’s Visibility With Posting Upgrades
Staffing Solutions With PRSA Jobcenter

Help passive candidates find you more easily with a “Featured Employer” banner or “Vertical Network” posting. Draw greater awareness to your job posting or company with the options below.

  • Featured Upgrade — Maximize your job posting’s reach through placements on the Jobcenter homepage, Issues & Trends Career Mondays e-newsletter (circulation 17,000), and the job seeker career newsletter (to 35,000+ job candidates).
  • Preferred Upgrade — Your job posting will appear first, and will be marked as a “hot job” when job seekers do a job search. 
  • Featured Employer — Maximize your company’s exposure with a banner ad. Show “passive candidates” why they should work for your organization. Your banner will link to your company overview, history and benefits summary. Select the “My Company” tab to complete this information. 
  • “PowerPost Upgrade” — Distribute your open jobs to many valuable recruitment websites, which may include Craigslist, Simply Hired, America's Job Exchange, JobTarget and more. This “PowerPost Upgrade” can generate 20 to 50 percent more candidates for your opening, helping you fill it faster with the right talent. 
  • Vertical Network — Increase your job posting’s outreach and traffic by purchasing a network posting. Your job will be listed on PRSA Jobcenter, as well as other relevant associations and job boards belonging to the network. If you plan to post to multiple sites, you can save money in the long run by posting to Jobcenter. You can see other sites in the network by clicking on ‘Click Here’ in the product description on the Products/Pricing page.

For more information on these upgrades, contact Richard Spector or preview pricing before completing the payment page when placing your order.