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How do you attract the most qualified candidates and give your job the exposure it needs? Discover the advantages of an association job board.

Post Your Job using the following tips:

  • Abbreviate the state before the “position title” to attract the most in-state applicants.
  • Incorporate words, such as “public relations,” “public affairs,” “media,” “press,” “political” or “communications” in the job ad if applicable.
  • Know which keywords bring candidates to your site and use them in your posting.
  • Work with pre-screen filters that save you precious interviewing time.
  • Consider upgrading your post to reach a wider audience.

Peter Weddle, director of International Association of Employment Websites, recommends including specific key elements to create the most effective job posting. He advises it should read more like an electronic sales brochure rather than a job announcement. Read the employer branding articles to learn more.

View Resumes (10,000+) with the following selections:

  • Search by keyword, state, career level and APR accreditation.
  • Engage the “Talent Match” feature to see how well the resume you’re viewing matches your job description on a 10-point scale.
  • Purchase a resume pack.

Post a Job and find your dream candidates.