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A job posting should have the following:

  • Summary — First five lines of the ad must have:
    • A powerful compelling statement of why it’s a “dream job.”
    • Why this employer is a “dream” employer.
    • Quantitative statement about salary.
    • Compelling statement about the organization’s commitment to privacy. Personal privacy guaranteed.
  • Advantages — WIIFT (What’s in it for them). Answer the following:
    • What do I get to do?
    • What do I get to learn?
    • What do I get to accomplish?
    • Who will I work with?
    • Talk about requirements and responsibilities using headlines and bullets.
  • Benefits — Describe benefits that are important to the pool of targeted candidates. (e.g., entry-level tuition assistance).
  • Capabilities — Be sure to describe the characteristics and capabilities that enable candidates to succeed at your organization. What resources does the organizaton make available to candidates to help them succeed? 
  • Call to Action — Urge candidates to take one of three actions:
    • Apply for job.
    • Pass the position on (referral).
    • Stay in touch.

Reprinted with permission from WEDDLE’s LLC. Peter Weddle is the author or editor of more than two dozen books, including "The Career Activist Republic," "Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System" and WEDDLE’s 2011/12 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. Order them at