PRSA Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Jobs

Job Search Tips


  • Be Proactive. Job feeds and job alerts are important, but can’t take the place of actively using a job board. Targeted job boards like the PRSA Jobcenter are especially useful.
  • Throw old notions about your resume out the window
    • Tell them what you accomplished, not what you did. Show how many sales you created, press coverage you generated, etc.  
    • Dump the catchall “professional summary.” Instead, put key information up front about you and your key qualifications. Demonstrating a good fit makes recruiters read on. 
    • Don’t trust spellcheck. Proof your resume, have others proof your resume and then proof it again. It only takes one typo to knock you out of the running. 
  • Network, Network, Network. Personal contacts are key, and professional associations like PRSA sponsor conferences, seminars and special interest sections, as well as offer student membership discounts. 
  • Engage Social Media. LinkedIn is great, but use Facebook and Twitter, too. Many job boards will tweet a “job of the day,” and Facebook friends are great contacts — just make sure your profiles are completely professional. 
  • Find a Mentor. A mentor can be your most valuable resource for guidance with resume writing, interviewing techniques and industry perspective. 
  • Use All Job Board Resources. Many job boards offer resources that go far beyond job listings. The PRSA Jobcenter offers Public Relations Tactics articles written by prominent professionals, an online “Ask the Experts” forum, and a formal mentorship program with senior practitioners.  
  • Do Your Homework. When you have an interview, learn everything you can about the company and consider preparing a “mock presentation” on how you can help the company. 
  • Pay Attention to Timing. Keep on top of all leads. A company may not be hiring when your start your job search; however, that doesn’t mean it won’t soon. Check back frequently, and you’ll be the first to know.
  • Read Instructions Carefully. Companies’ application procedures differ, whether through a job board or on their websites. Make sure you read and follow each set of directions to the letter. It’s the first screening filter companies use.