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Programs offer how-to’s that will help you keep up with the latest communications and public relations resources and best practices. Learn how to implement tactics that will make your strategies succeed.

With or Without a Press Release
June 6, 2014 | Course | New York, N.Y.
We live in a post-press release apocalyptic world. Journalists and readers are finding news in new ways, while social media is quickly making traditional methods of releasing news irrelevant. Learn how to make a big splash with or without a press release.
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Participate in Step-By-Step Exercises and Learn Tactical Online Communications Skills
June 13, 2014 | Course | San Francisco, Calif.
Update your online communications skills with the top-rated, longest-running social media training workshop! Follow step-by-step exercises with a group of serious professionals, build your digital communications competency and develop the applied social media skills you need to compete online.
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Ensure That Your Content Makes the Cut
Dec. 8, 2014 | Course | New York, N.Y.
Learn useful tactics that will help you develop distinctive content that reaches and appeals to your target audience. Master a seven-step system for making every piece you write easier to read and understand.
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Building a Foundation for Effective Communications
On-Demand Webinar
How can you put key messages to work? Learn a five-step system for preparing strategic messages.
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Educators Academy
Add “Public Relations Professor” to Your Resume
On-Demand Section Webinar
Whether you are interested in a full- or part-time teaching position, find the practical steps to get an overview on a teaching career.
Innovative Ideas Generate Great Results
On-Demand Webinar
Ignite your creative energy. Learn how to come up with new ideas and insights in order to move ahead and embrace creativity in order to develop unforgettable campaigns.
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Putting the “Grand” in “Grand Opening”
On-Demand Webinar
PR pros can easily learn to create newsworthy, visually interesting events that capture reporters’ imaginations. Discover what reporters have said about the best – and worst – groundbreakings, ribbon-cuttings and grand openings they’ve had to cover.
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Financial Communications Section
Using Communications to Define Financial Planning for Millenials, Boomers and Everyone In-Between
On-Demand Section Webinar
This webinar will discuss recently released research, and how the CFP Board has used a variety of communications tools — from advertising to earned media — to help change the perception of what financial planning is and what it is not.
Have a Conversation
On-Demand Webinar
A great talk is the most powerful way to persuade people, to excite them, to encourage them and to energize them. Find out about the strategies unlocking business success through a “talk” that resonates with the audience.
Photo of Mike Neumeier, APR
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The PRSA Jobcenter Is Your Guide to Success
April 24, 2014 | Webinar, On-Demand Available May 1
The PRSA Jobcenter is a one-stop resource for career information and advice. Take a tour of the PRSA Jobcenter and learn how to position yourself, present your skills and experience, communicate your strengths and distinguish yourself from other candidates.
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Travel & Tourism Section
Creating a Sense of Place Online With Google Maps
May 8, 2014 | Section Webinar, On-Demand Available May 15
Savvy travelers are simultaneously seeking fresh ways to discover and experience a destination's sense of place prior to departure. Join Evan Rapoport, product manager for Google Maps, as he discusses the latest advancements with Google Maps, and opportunities every public relations and marketing executive working with clients in the travel and tourism should know
A Path to Redemption for Public Speakers
May 22, 2014 | Webinar, On-Demand Available May 29
Solid presentation skills can help PR pros win new business, gain approval for projects and budgets, rally teams, motivate employees and better position themselves as industry and community leaders. Gain practical techniques to overcome the deadliest of presentation sins.
Photo of Rob Biesenbach
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Turn Readers Into Buyers With Copy That Sells Without Selling
June 3, 2014 | Webinar, On-Demand Available June 10
In these days of spam filters, DVRs and delete keys, it’s getting harder and harder to reach readers with copy that pitches products and services. Instead of pitching your products, try positioning your organization as an expert in your field with good content marketing writing.
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