PRSA Leadership Recruitment Process for 2018 PRSA Board of Directors

Details about application procedures are available in the following documents, which interested candidates should carefully review.

Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Directors:

Roles and Responsibilities of Officers:

Application for PRSA Officer and Director Positions

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General Information

To learn more about the estimated investment of time and out-of pocket expenses for PRSA Board members, the 2017 Nominating Committee members please go the Leadership Recruitment community in MyPRSA. If you do not have your MyPRSA login or password readily available, you may contact PRSA’s help desk at

For questions about the process, please contact Donna Jonas at PRSA Headquarters at (212) 460-1403 or

Please note that both the PRSA Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee deliberations are confidential. Each board member and committee member signs a confidentiality pledge and agrees that no information about the discussions, deliberations, decisions or votes can be disclosed at any time.