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Life After College

After your college days are over, it is challenging to find a similar community of like-minded communicators who share your professional interests and can offer useful advice. To address those challenges, many new professionals have found that joining PRSA is a great solution.

Within PRSA, you can draw on a wide range of informative webinars and workshops, bounce ideas off people in similar fields, expand your network of contacts and explore ways to advance your career. You can find out more about all those things that they didn’t teach you in college!

New PRSSA graduates or new professionals with fewer than three years of PR or communication experience can receive a FREE one-year New Professionals Section membership (a $20 value) when they join PRSA as an Associate Member for only $60 a year and waived initiation fee (a $65 value) by using promo code AM17.

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Why Should You Join a Professional Association?

1. Job Opportunities

When it comes to landing a job, it’s not just about what you know, but who you know AND, even more importantly, who knows you!

PRSA’s exclusive online community, MyPRSA, gives you the opportunity to not only connect with more than 21,000 PR professionals, but also enables you to demonstrate your knowledge firsthand by contributing to one of the 3,419 discussions.

2. Stay Current on the Latest Best Practices

PRSA distributes two daily e-newsletters, a monthly newspaper and quarterly magazine that keep members informed about industry news and best practices.

In addition, members have access to nearly 100 on-demand webinars. New live webinars are also being offered each month on the latest hot topics.

3. Code of Ethics

Credibility and trustworthiness are essential to PR pros, now more than ever.

4. Support

With your membership, you gain an immediate personal and professional support system of people who share your interests and concerns. Of course, this only works if you make an effort to introduce yourself and talk to other members.

Being connected to a network of peers reminds you that you’re not alone, gives you a chance to let off steam and offers insights from seasoned professionals.