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April 23, 2013

Ask anyone who’s done a crunch: Strong abdominal muscles are critical to delivering the strength that our bodies need to perform many tasks and activities. Likewise, every brand or organization has a core group of true believers or enthusiasts that is its strength.

We associate the term “superfans” with movie stars and musicians such as Prince, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga, but brands like Harley-Davidson, Rapala fishing lures and Krispy Kreme donuts have superfans, too.

As PR professionals, we’ve always known that these superfans are critical to the reputation of a brand or organization. But in today’s social media world, these superfans are essential to a brand’s survival. They are the “message warriors” of our age. And their sword? It’s the branded content that they’ve come to rely on and trust, and are willing to stake their own reputations on to share with others.

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Stephen Dupont, APR Stephen Dupont, APR, is vice president of public relations and branded content for Pocket Hercules (, a Minneapolis advertising, PR and digital marketing firm. To reach him, visit or

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