Career Resources for Military Professionals

The PRSA Jobcenter has a ton of resources to help you with your transition including:

  • Job Search advice
  • Resume and coverletter help – Upload your resume today and opt-in for a complimentary resume review
  • Networking guide
  • Interview tactics
  • Mentoring services
  • Salary information
  • General career articles from your peers

We have also created a Veterans Career Toolkit. Take a look!

On May 26, 2010, PRSA launched the Accreditation in Public Relations + Military Communication (APR+M), an enhanced certification from the well-established APR. The mark will be awarded to candidates who master the Accredited In Public Relations (APR) KSAs plus joint public-affairs-relevant topics. APR+M signifies someone who meets all the qualifications of Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), PLUS a rigorous course of study surrounding military public affairs in joint operations. Consider obtaining your APR+M and showcase your qualifications.

You are not alone. Learn from our military transitioning success stories.

For more information or career related questions, contact John Kesaris or call (212) 460-1406.

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