Doing Content Strategically

Ask any PR practitioner (especially at the junior to mid-level) what they do in a day, and you’re likely to hear that they are writing or producing a piece of content. Firms of all sizes are doing more of this than ever. But at its core, content is tactical. It’s something we do to help accomplish a goal, not the goal itself. 

It’s really, really hard to stand out and build a business these days on content alone. Our clients don’t hire us because of our writing and production skills – those are table stakes in our industry, and more talented writers and producers join the fray every day. Instead, clients hire us because of what we can do to help their organizations succeed – or what strategic, high-value counsel we bring. Leveraging content becomes a means to that end. 

How can we ensure that our firms’ content work transcends the tactical realm to the strategic, so that it brings more value? Also, how do we help our junior and mid-level staff think bigger about something they do so much, so they can develop as professionals? 

1 Learn how to think of content less as a tactic and more as a strategic value driver.

2 Learn how to unlock more value-added ideas and offerings by thinking of content more strategically.

3 Learn how to develop your staff around the content work they're already doing.

Jason Sprenger has 20 years of experience using the entire spectrum of strategic communications to transform organizations. He founded Game Changer Communications in September 2012, and since then he has brought full-service PR/communications services to more than 50 clients from Twin Cities-area nonprofits to international, billion-dollar industry leaders. He became Accredited in Public Relations (APR) in 2009, and introduced the Umbrella Model for Public Relations in 2015.

Before Sprenger founded Game Changer, he worked at FICO as Public Relations Manager for North America and built a PR department from scratch at X-IO Technologies. He's also worked for three other Minnesota PR firms, and had most every kind of client there is. 

Sprenger was the 2020 Chair of PRSA's Midwest District, the 2016 President of the Minnesota Chapter of PRSA and an executive officer with both organizations for an additional nine years. The University of Minnesota's Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication awarded him its 2017 Above the Fold Award, honoring him for “achieving great distinction and prestige before the age of 40.” He is a member of the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) Advisory Board, and serves on the board of Minneapolis-based Bolder Options. He taught public relations as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota in early 2018, and frequently speaks around the nation, judges awards competitions and mentors students and young professionals. 

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