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PRSA Jobcenter

Build Your Professional Network

Expand your job search and target your ideal positions by searching the PRSA Jobcenter. The PRSA Jobcenter gives you access to more than 1,000 communications and public relations job openings across the world.

On the PRSA Jobcenter you can search jobs by location, experience required and many other criteria. Set up personalized job alerts that will notify you of jobs that meet your interests. Be proactive and engaged with this tool by posting your résumé (for free) for potential employers to view. Be sure to update it regularly.

This is a great tool for graduating seniors to pursue full-time opportunities. Your MyPRSA login will remain the same once you become a PRSA Associate Member.

Access the PRSA Jobcenter

You can log in to the PRSA Jobcenter with your MyPRSA account, which is activated once you join PRSSA or PRSA. To retrieve your MyPRSA and Jobcenter login credentials:

  • Go to the PRSA Jobcenter site and click on the Job Seeker Login.
  • Click the “Retrieve it” link and enter your email address, MyPRSA username or your member number. If necessary, you can obtain your member number by sending an email to the PRSA help desk.

Click the “Submit” button and follow the instructions in the email. If you have any problems accessing either MyPRSA or the PRSA Jobcenter, contact the PRSA help desk.

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