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District Conferences

District Conferences are planned, hosted and attended by PRSSA Chapters. They are an opportunity for attendees to network and learn, and for planners to build their portfolio and gain event planning experience. Consider attending a District Conference — you may have the opportunity to participate in a competition, attend a workshop, participate in a roundtable or Leadership Summit, or meet and greet your peers and professionals at a social.

Host a 2023 District Conference

Become even more involved in PRSSA by hosting a District Conference this upcoming spring. In the process of planning the event, you can gain valuable event planning skills, network with local professionals and enhance your portfolio. The deadline to submit the Interest Form is August 23, 2022. Direct questions to the vice president of events and fundraising.

Please consider the following if your Chapter is interested in submitting an Interest Form: 

  • Ability to create and publish an event website in a timely fashion.
  • Ability to promptly secure a venue with low financial risk.
  • Confirm a strong, defined conference theme (example: PR in sports, social media, etc.).
  • Ability to create and maintain a strong promotional plan.
  • Consider offering the conference virtually as well as in person. If you have to shift gear and offer only a virtual conference, you’ll want to have this plan ready.
  • Maintain communication with the vice president of events and fundraising. 

If you need help planning your event, check out the District Conferences Handbook, which will be published soon.

The District Conference Hosting Application will go live on Aug. 25.

2022 District Conferences

Boston University
Navigating an Uncharted Future — Virtual
February 12)
This Conference focuses on equipping attendees with the tools they need to find success as a communicator during college and post-graduation. Because there has been so much uncertainty lately, this Conference aims to help people feel confident about navigating their next steps as an emerging professional.

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DePaul University
PRogress Report — Virtual
February 24 and 25 )
The Conference will provide an update on major industries and how they’ve been impacted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will teach attendees how to always be flexible and pivot in the PR industry through participating in speaker sessions and workshops.

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University of South Carolina
Eyes on the PRize — Hybrid
February 25 and 26)
This Conference will teach attendees how to succeed in government, nonprofit and financial public relations.

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Universidad Argentina De la Empresa (UADE)
PR Stages — Virtual
(March 2-4)
Day one of this Conference focuses on the past and will talk about successful campaigns and crisis cases. Day two will talk about the present of PR and will cover topics like DE&I and CSR. Day three will focus on the future of PR and talk about trends in the industry, including remote work and women in leadership.

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Waynesburg University
Making the Final Cut: A Strategic Communication Plan for Sports Public Relations — Virtual
(March 25 and 26)
This Conference will dive into the world of sports PR and give attendees a chance to hear from professionals in the sports field about a myriad of topics.

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Point Park University & Duquesne University
Get to the Point — In perso
(April 1 and 2)

This Conference will highlight the touchpoints during a student’s journey and how every decision they make can be used as an opportunity to develop. It focuses on providing tangible career advice to students through networking opportunities, guest speakers, agency tours and more.


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Universidad de San Martin de Porres (USMP)
PRos Leaders: The Art of Leadership in Communications — Virtual
April 6-8)
This Conference will focus on providing students with the necessary leadership and management skills to succeed in the communications world and beyond.

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California State University Fullerton
Breaking Barriers Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — Virtual
(April 8 and 9)
The Conference aims to highlight the relevance of Diversity and Inclusion to not only the PR industry, but to the greater population. It will go in-depth on the importance of diversifying one’s network, connecting with individuals who offer different insights and experience, better representing your audience and becoming a better PR practitioner.

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Hofstra University
Roadmap to Success — In person
April 22 and 23)
Everyone’s path to success is different, and this conference highlights the important pit stops on the road to success. Because so many current PRSSA members joined during the pandemic, many of them have missed out on traditional methods of success in the field, and this Conference aims to give every attendee the tools they need to succeed that they might have missed out on during COVID-19.

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