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PRSSA Webinar

PRSA Webinars

PRSA offers webinars on diverse topics throughout the year. Find the public relations and communications training courses you’re interested in on the PRSA Calendar of Events. As a PRSSA member, you have complimentary access to the webinars below, other webinars may be purchased.

Diverse Dialogues

PRSA is proud to present Diverse Dialogues, a series of conversations with leaders in the profession about Diversity and Inclusion and the way forward.

Through Diverse Dialogues, we bring together leaders and experts in Diversity and Inclusion to share insights and best practices to guide communications professionals in having critical conversations to enable real change.

Visit the PRSA website for upcoming and previous programs.

PRSA Storytellers: Inspiration, Information, Issues

These PRSA Storytellers webinars is a series that will focus on relevant and timely topics, emerging issues and concerns in communication, developments in the profession, our community and more.

These webinars, podcasts and dynamic programs are designed to deliver thought leadership and keep you up to date on the state of our profession, as well as the current and future business environment.

Visit the PRSA website for upcoming and previous programs.

Life After College Webinar Series

These webinars for seniors, led by Ray Kotcher, Fellow PRSA, professor, Boston University College of Communications, will educate public relations pre-professionals on the subjects that matter most to them.

Webinars at Chapter Meetings

Webinars can be a useful source of programming for your Chapter’s meetings, particularly if your Chapter does not have a PRSA Chapter close by. Purchase one registration and use a speaker phone and projector to allow your entire Chapter to participate.

Listen Now or Later

Enjoy the flexibility of listening to a webinar whenever it is convenient for you by accessing the play-back option. Your registration confirmation, sent via email, includes access to the free play-back.


See the PRSA Calendar of Events to find upcoming webinars, and click on the individual events to register online.