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Social Media

Get Connected

Engaging with fellow PRSSA members on social media will enable you to build lasting relationships, learn about professional and educational opportunities and stay informed about Chapter and Society news and events.

By connecting with PRSSA National, you can be the first to know of upcoming scholarship and award deadlines, job and internship postings, and other opportunities. Connect with PRSSA National on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Tik TokYouTube and LinkedIn for deadline reminders, Chapter and national updates, industry news and more.


Join prssanational every month for Instagram chats (formerly Twitter chats) discussing issues and skills relevant to PRSSA members. To participate view and respond to the questions posted on the prssanational stories on the dates listed below. 

  • July 24 — An Introduction To District Conferences
  • August 28 — Advice for Building and Maintaining Chapter Membership
  • September 6 — Destination ICON: Your Journey to Nashville
  • September 18 — Ethics Month: The Importance of the PRSA Code of Ethics
  • October 2 — An Inside Look at ICON 2023
  • January 8 — New Year, New Skills: Ways to Enhance Your Writing, Creativity, and PR Skills
  • February 12 — DEI&B: The Importance of Belonging in Chapters
  • March 18 — Creating Connections: Best Practices for Networking, LinkedIn, and seeking Mentorship
  • April 22 — Entering the Industry: All About Internships

LinkedIn Group

PRSSA also has a LinkedIn group to help connect you with professionals and members of our Society. Within this group, students share opportunities, stories and experiences to cultivate a community across our Society. Request to join the group here.