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National President's Citation

The National President's Citation is a special honor conferred upon students who have left a lasting mark on the Society through their exceptional contributions to PRSSA at the Chapter and National level.


April 30, 2023




To be eligible, you should possess leadership and professional skills, have a strong understanding of PRSSA and be an active member on the Chapter and National level. Every Chapter is encouraged to recommend any outstanding members for this award. No more than two members of a single Chapter will be chosen to receive a National President’s Citation.


You need to submit the following materials to apply for this award:

  • A completed application form (Word or PDF).
  • A one-page essay. Discuss why you should be chosen to receive a citation based on your personal contributions to the success of your Chapter and describe how PRSSA membership has influenced your personal and professional development.
  • A list of your PRSSA activities and honors.
  • A signed letter of recommendation from your Faculty or Professional Adviser.
  • (Optional) A one-page, typed, double-spaced, signed endorsement by any member of your Chapter.

Make sure all materials are error free and thoroughly proofread. 

UPDATE: All application materials must be included as attachments and sent via email to by April 30, 2023. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Previous Winners


  • Abigail Johnson, Pennsylvania State University
  • Zane Landin, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


  • Abby Roering, Belmont University
  • Giselle Gallegos, California State University, Fullerton


  • Grace Coulthurst, Rowan University


  • Lauren Donadio, Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY)
  • Holly Rubin, Pennsylvania State University
  • Samantha Sands, Biola University


  • Colin Wylie, Brigham Young University
  • Andrew Willett, DePaul University
  • Sara Cherson, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY
  • Kelly McLoughlin, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY
  • Natalie Meek, Kent State University
  • Ryan Wall, La Salle University
  • Shannon Jack, Ohio Northern University
  • Nicole Graney, The University of Florida
  • Ashleigh Kathryn, University of South Florida
  • Zachary Dinslage, University of Nebraska at Omaha


  • Cayli Allen, Belmont University
  • Lindsey Barchent, Belmont University
  • Latisha Ellison, Utah Valley University
  • Jon Kovach Jr., Utah Valley University
  • Wade Draper, Utah Valley University
  • Tiffany Chao, SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Kaitlin Biersach, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


  • Andrew Cook, Brigham Young University
  • Erica Everett, University of South Florida
  • Brenna Parker, Kent State University
  • Alexandra Rennhoff, Louisiana State University
  • Mallory Feeney, University of Northern Iowa
  • Hanna Moore, Kent State University
  • Katarina DeFelice, Rowan University
  • Jasmine Tate, The University of Southern Mississippi


  • Megan Bayles, Waynesburg University
  • Patrice Duncombe, Florida Memorial University
  • Josh Ferrari, University of Florida
  • Tara Hebert, Louisiana State University
  • Victoria Lewis, Belmont University
  • Noelle McGeachy, Florida Memorial University
  • Carly Rebecchi, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Melissa Strom, Biola University
  • John Thom, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Sarah Voelkel, Louisiana State University
  • Gabrielle Woodard, Kent State University


  • Jessica Airey, Biola University
  • Makenzie Albracht, Belmont University
  • Angela Eastep, University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • Lauree Frechette, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
  • Jenna Mosley, American University
  • Jordan Paquet, Northern Michigan University
  • Adam Piccin, Otterbein University
  • De’Andra Roberts, Louisiana State University
  • Arielle Schrader, Belmont University
  • Ariana Trevino, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Helma von Zadow, Alabama State University


  • Erica N. Brown, Sacramento State
  • Benjamin Butler, Geneva College
  • Henry Cervera, Utah Valley University
  • Andy Cole, Belmont University
  • Delisi A. Duarte, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Maria Esposito, Georgia College & State University
  • Lauren Frock, University of Northern Texas
  • Kelsey Hutchinson, Capital University
  • Sarah Hutchinson, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Kara Kidwell, University of Tennessee at Martin
  • Gina Masciantonio, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
  • Katherine Mulrain, Belmont University
  • Mallory Richardson, Louisiana State University
  • Megan Romero, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Christine Spasoff, Indiana University
  • Sherelle Stephens, Florida Memorial University
  • Paige Weber, Louisiana State University


  • Aubrey Abbott, Central Washington University
  • Matthew Aguirre, California State University, Sacramento
  • Kaleigh Bacher, Indiana University
  • Melinda Biegen, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Alyssa Carfi, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Jeannette Conklin, Michigan State University
  • Olivia Gagnon, Belmont University
  • Nathan Justice, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Erin Keeler, Georgia College and State University
  • Ashley Lavore, Columbia College Chicago
  • Vanessa Perkins, Utah Valley University
  • Brian Price, Northern Michigan University
  • Katie Siklosi, Belmont University
  • Reganie Smith-Love, California State University, Fresno


  • Nicole S. Bailey, Florida Memorial University
  • Amy Bishop, Indiana University
  • Lauren Gray, Western Carolina University
  • Katie Griva, University of North Texas
  • Jessica Noonan, American University
  • Leah Rapaport, Georgia College & State University
  • Rachel Sprung, Boston University
  • Tashika Varma, Southern Methodist University


  • Rebecca Alsup, University of Tennessee at Martin
  • Gabriele Bladdick, Valparaiso University
  • Dana Bubonovich, Penn State University
  • Alyssa Dreifus, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Amanda McKelvey, Ohio Northern University
  • Sana Merchant, Southern Methodist University
  • Sarah Norton, Belmont University
  • AnnaRose Rotondi, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Ryan Schatzman, University of Cincinnati
  • Lizzie Smithson, University of North Texas
  • Chantale Stewart, Florida Memorial University
  • Heather Wade, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Stefano Weidmer, University of North Texas


  • Autumn Brew, Illinois State University
  • Talithia Carter, Florida Memorial University
  • Kimberly Ciesla, Rowan University
  • Terrance Davis, Florida Memorial University
  • Luka Dukich, Valparaiso University
  • MacKenzie Fischer, Belmont University
  • Rachel Friedman, Pepperdine University
  • Angela M. Hernandez, Central Michigan University
  • Carol Matthews, The University of Memphis
  • Lauren Opelt, University of South Florida
  • Matthew Pagan, University of North Florida
  • John Vignolo, Pepperdine University
  • Julia Wendzinski, Michigan State University
  • Leah Zuber, Grand Valley State University


  • Sara Ruth Collins, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Jeana Harrington, Otterbein College
  • Kent Honley-Moore, California State University, Fullerton
  • Jenni Lewis, Michigan State University
  • Lisa Lifton, California State University, Fullerton
  • Nick Lucido, Michigan State University
  • Amy Ovsiew, Rowan University
  • Kristen Riordan, Liberty University
  • Anne C. Roberts, Belmont University
  • Elena Scuro, University of Florida
  • Rebecca Timms, Rowan University
  • Katalyn Yenne, Ohio Northern University


  • Jennifer M. Ecclestone
  • Elizabeth Lotts
  • Gregory Frieden
  • Robert Hoppey
  • Craig G. LaPoint
  • Allison Tomei
  • Lisa Bates
  • Abigail Blaylock
  • Brandi Boatner
  • Megan May
  • Carolyn F. Fiala
  • Lauren Platt
  • Chris Nacinovich
  • Rosie Braude


  • Elisa Negrin
  • Biana Bakman
  • Ryan Matejka
  • Denise Kreft
  • Melissa Csuhran
  • Kelly Hancock
  • Meredith Avakian
  • Dwayne Waite
  • Barbara Tate
  • M. Bryan Blaise
  • Kimberly Gouz
  • Erin Pierce
  • Mark Taylor
  • Sandy Kalik


  • Arianna Stefanoni, Rowan University
  • Kristen Elaine Haro, Loyola University New Orleans
  • Hilary Bingman, University of Washington
  • Matthew Pfleger, Rowan University
  • Mariah Lietz, Elon University
  • Alexis Douglas, Depaul University
  • Jason Carlton, Weber State University
  • Kevin Saghy, Ohio Northern University
  • Fleur Bleine Ferrara, Louisana State University
  • Megan Martenka, Central Michigan University
  • Ashley Elizabeth Zandy, University of Florida
  • Ashley Raith Stockett, University of Georgia
  • Barbara Tate, Ohio Northern University


  • Jacqueline Bodet, Loyola University New Orleans
  • Adrienne Gavula, Ohio University
  • Chanda Gilmore, Hood College
  • Abbey Helbing, Point Park University
  • Nicole Keating, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Molly Lynch, Iowa State University
  • Emily Oliver, Iowa State University
  • Michele Priddy, University of Tennessee, Martin
  • Robert Sunga, Rutgers University
  • Leslie Woten, Ohio Northern University


  • Carina Alves, Rutgers University
  • Laura E. Taczak, State University of New York at Geneso
  • DeAnn Snider Pennsylvania State University
  • Christina Maria Armand, Florida International University
  • Heather Dewald, Shippensburg University
  • Julie C. Hatley, University of South Florida
  • Jancy L. Quin, Michigan State University
  • Dave Nadkarni, University of Utah
  • Amanda Mauck, University of Memphis
  • Jennifer Lucio, American University
  • Scott Iwata, Central Washington University


  • Linda Coonelly
  • Nazly De La Rosa
  • Emily Hatz
  • Katie Hellwig
  • Amy E. Lott
  • Mickauna L. Love
  • Kelly McAteer
  • Normand T. Morneau
  • Beth Morris
  • Ronald D. Myers
  • Kathryn A. Navarra
  • Douglas Rupert
  • Stephanie Leigh Stuart
  • Amy Taylor
  • Anne E. Veltema


  • Michael Dennehy, Iona College
  • Michele Denz, University of St. Thomas
  • Stephanie Dysthe, California State University – Fullerton
  • Natalia Flores, Florida International University
  • Melanie Forthun, Northern Arizona University
  • Cori Elizabeth Girten, University of Southern Indiana
  • Kate Robinson, Penn State University
  • Victoria Steel, Lehigh University
  • Lauren Marie Tierney, Ithaca College
  • Terri Lynn Waggoner, Southwest Texas State University
  • Courtney Zane, Fashion Institute of Technology