PRSA 75th Anniversary
Commemorative Book


To mark PRSA's 75th anniversary in a very special way, we've produced a limited edition commemorative volume,
“75 Years of Impact and Influence: People, Places and Moments In Public Relations History.”


Honoring Our Tradition; Creating a Bright Future

PRSA 7th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Curated by an amazing team of thought leaders, visionaries, educators and leaders of the profession, the stories and history presented in this timeless collection will provide you with new and unexpected tales of a shared history and plenty of motivational moments to inspire you tomorrow.

This one-of-a-kind limited edition coffee table book and keepsake collection will be available in the late fall of 2022. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so reserve your copy now!

$50 includes shipping and handling.

Net proceeds from book sales will be split between unrestricted PRSA needs and membership scholarships.


Public Relations Shoots for the Moon


Discover the rich impact and influence of the profession showcased in remarkable and vivid stories of how public relations shaped national and global events.

Book spread with LIFE magazine cover

New Voices Write a New History

book spread with Martin Luther King


This commemorative edition will surprise and engage you as you travel a history packed with visionary leaders and voices that would not be silenced and changed history.


Moving a Nation Forward

Meet celebrated legends and hidden heroes, discover moments that shocked and others that inspired us, and marvel at the ideas, communications and vision that propelled a nation and its people forward.

book spread with protesters

Critical Information Delivered

book spread with George Bush


Moments where PR made a difference are revealed as you travel the history of the last 75 years in American public relations and public affairs.

PR Professionals Write PRSA and American History

We also trace the colorful pre-PRSA days and honor the captivating individuals through the decades whose leadership and inspiration moved public relations into the respected profession it is today.

book spread with PRSA Milestones