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PRSA Certificate Programs

Improve Your Career Prospects By Advancing Your Expertise 

The rate at which professional skills become obsolete is increasing. Today, the half-life of a learned skill is estimated to be five years and even shorter for technical skills, according to the World Economic Forum.

All of us, from Gen Zers to Boomers, are dealing with work environments that are transforming at a faster pace than ever before.

In this rapidly evolving marketplace, it's essential to stay competitive by proactively keeping your capabilities fresh and up to date.  

So we wanted to share this handy list of PRSA's available Certificate of Completion programs, designed to equip communicators with best practices and the latest resources to meet the changing demands in our converging industry.

To accommodate your schedule, you can choose from live and on-demand options. Furthermore, you can select individual course modules or an entire course.


Live Online Programs

Strategic Communications Certificate Program

Strategic Communication Certificate Program

Aug. 4–Sept. 8, 2021 

Explore the most latest strategies for building a strategic, behavioral public outreach plan that will move the needle on stakeholder action — not just opinions — in order to achieve more effective public relationship outcomes.
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Strategic Communications Certificate Program Media Relations Certificate Program
Nov. 3 – Dec. 15, 2021
In today’s fast-paced and evolving media environment, it has never been more important for PR/communication professionals to have a solid grasp of how we collaborate with media. Designed as an interactive, live certificate of completion program, PRSA’s newest Certificate Program on Media Relations unpacks a toolkit that is customized for today’s PR/communication professional.
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On-Demand Programs

PRSA offers nine different on-demand certificate programs to choose from. Communications professionals can explore today's hottest topics, such as integrated communications, digital content strategies, DEI and much more. Here are some of the available options:


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate ProgramAdvancing Your Communication Strategy in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate Program
Acquire the tools needed to build a strategic approach to communication planning, and advance diversity, equity and inclusion issues in the public relations profession and workplaces to achieve better public relationship outcomes. 
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Communication to Manage Performance Certificate Program

Communicating to Manage Performance Certificate Program
This dynamic skills-based program will empower managers, team leaders and supervisors to achieve high-performance performance every day, through effective, consistent workplace communication based on emerging management best practices. 
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Content Marketing Certificate ProgramContent Marketing Certificate Program
Content marketing is one of the most in-demand skill sets needed by today's successful communication professionals. PRSA’s Content Marketing Certificate Program is designed to teach and empower you to develop content strategies and tactics with quantifiable business outcomes.  
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Crisis Communications Certificate Program Crisis Communication Certificate Program

Effective crisis communication can help organizations maintain trust, inspire consumer confidence and build competitive advantage. Recent poorly handled crises in business, government and nonprofits show how ineffective crisis communication can set an organization back significantly.
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Digital Communications Certificate ProgramDigital Communication Certificate Program
Equip yourself with best practices within digital content strategy, personas, digital storytelling, writing for SEO and the web, digital innovation, and the measurement of digital communication. 
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Integrated Communications Certificate ProgramIntegrated Communication Certificate Program
Strategic integrated communication can help organizations streamline efforts and significantly boost results by focusing on synergy, alignment and measurement. Learn how to identify best practices within integrated marketing concepts for specific audiences in order to develop strategies and tactics that work together to boost results. 
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Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program
The Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program goes well beyond simply measuring the effectiveness of communication. You will learn how to build research into the beginning of your communications planning process in ways that are fast, easy and inexpensive.
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Reputation Management Certificate Program

Reputation Management Certificate Program
The concept of Corporate Reputation Management is at the core of the communications profession. As Reputation Management has matured and expanded into the realms of business strategy and corporate governance, communicators are seen as the go-to experts on reputation management inside their organizations. 
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Reputation Risk Management Certificate Program Reputation Risk Management Certificate Program

In the wake of unprecedented, high-profile and devastating corporate crises, Reputation Risk has emerged as the No. 1 most important strategic risk for every organization. CEOs and Boards need someone to tackle these risks for them — with more than just a crisis management plan.
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Certificate of Completion

certificateAfter successfully completing a certificate program, you'll be awarded a certificate of completion like the one shown above.




Certificate Program Pricing

PRSA Member: $975
Nonmember: $1,225

Individual modules can also be purchased.