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A New View of Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate Program

A New View of Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate Program offers an approach to integrated marketing communications that provides advanced knowledge of integration techniques. At the same time, this program introduces ways for communications professionals to incorporate newer trends like storytelling, influencer marketing and AI into their integration strategies and tactics.

Designed as an on-demand certificate of completion program, A New View of Integrated Marketing Communications helps communicators at all levels. Participants will understand how to achieve campaign objectives more rapidly and efficiently by using a well-orchestrated set of marketing communications methods to help create a seamless, transparent journey for every audience. 

This Certificate Program is designed for:

  • Mid-level to senior-level PR and communication professionals.
  • Professionals who are responsible for corporate communication.
  • Any professional responsible for managing a corporate communication team.
  • Leaders charged with advising other executives.
  • Professionals responsible for managing digital communications.
  • Marketing professionals.
  • Managers with two or more years of experience.

By the end of this Certificate Program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand advanced integration concepts incorporating best practices, technology and the latest innovations and trends.
  • Apply integration strategy across multiple channels to drive more robust results faster and more efficiently.
  • Understand the role of content in creating a more seamless integration experience (IX).
  • Enhance integration through a more profound knowledge of the impacts of data, AI and marketing stacks on integration.
  • Learn new messaging strategies that take advantage of smaller, unique audiences and the increased demand for personalized B2C and B2B journeys.
  • Develop KPIs and campaign metrics focused specifically on integration.



 Full Course
(All 6 Modules)
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Learning Modules in this Course

Click on the titles below to read more about each module.

Module 1
Constant Evolution – New Trends in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

In this module, participants will learn how integrated marketing communications have recently evolved due to more rapid digital transformation, higher expectations for B2C and B2B customer journeys and the adoption of data, AI and other technologies.

Participants will review common misconceptions about integration and the unique characteristics of integrated marketing communications campaigns. In addition, participants will learn why integration is increasingly important as new messaging channels emerge.

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Design strategies that can be implemented across many different messaging channels.  
  • Evaluate existing campaigns for integration opportunities.
  • Identify core characteristics of successful integrated communications campaigns.

Module 2
Moving the Needle – Audience Behavior

In this module, participants will learn how to define, influence and evaluate audience behaviors relevant to integrated marketing communications, learn specific audience types and be able to create more valuable personas. Participants also will gain a deeper understanding of traditional and newer techniques for gathering data about behavior. 

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the mechanisms for segmenting unique audiences for integrated communications.
  • Define the four primary audience types communicators must know for integration.
  • Apply data insights to learn more about audience behavior.

Module 3
Designing the IX – Achieving a Truly Integrated Experience

In this module, participants will incorporate the concept of seamless customer experiences into their understanding of integration, and learn how those experiences relate to the foundational buying cycle. Additionally, participants will learn how increased data availability has created deeper, more informed experiences and more opportunities for integrated experiences across all messaging channels, from traditional, on-the-ground media to the meta.

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Amplify integration by accelerating behavior through influence, not just direct calls to action.
  • Execute integration tactics to better reach and influence desirable media behavior.
  • Define how data-driven communications practices boost performance across every campaign.

Module 4
The Right Recipe

In this module, participants will learn strategies for building greater synergy between channels and better understanding of how integration tactics can drive engagement within targeted audiences. Participants will learn the vital difference between strategies and tactics from an integration standpoint and how to build an essential integration toolkit.

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Create strategies that build synergy between communications channels.
  • Design and adapt linked tactics to boost campaign performance. 
  • Build a personal toolkit to enhance and grow their integration skills over the long term.

Module 5
Building Familiarity – Messaging Strategies

In this module, participants will learn how to create messages that translate across channels and increase audience behaviors without the danger of becoming stale or repetitive. In addition, participants will gain a firm understanding of the definition and importance of concepts like alignment and familiarity and their contribution to successful integrated marketing communications campaigns.

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Create a strong core message statement to build familiarity.
  • Translate core messaging statements to become suitable for specific audiences, channels and contexts.
  • Improve integration through alignment within the campaign and throughout the customer experience.

Module 6
Guaranteed Success – Modern Measurement

In this module, participants will learn continuous improvement tactics to boost campaign metrics including ways to measure communications campaigns both iteratively and long-term.  In addition, participants will understand how to incorporate KPIs and other measurements to increase integration and boost ROI for communications campaigns.

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Apply their understanding of project management to create more meaningful measurements without impacting campaign timelines.
  • Adopt a “test and learn” mindset throughout communications campaigns.
  • Understand and define appropriate metrics for each audience and initiative.

Course Length

Course Duration: Approximately 5–6 hours
Module Duration: Approximately 45–60 minutes



Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 renewal CEUs for each completed module of this course, for a total of 3.0 CEUs. Learn more about Accreditation.

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