Case in Point: Navigating Through a Disinformation Crisis


What do you do when your organization becomes the target of a misinformation attack? And how do you lead your organization through this kind of crisis?

This interactive Case in Point will take participants through a case study about an organization that was the target of dangerous misinformation earlier this year.

The internal communications team and their public relations firm had to navigate panicked questions from employees and customers; false information spreading on social media; inquiries from local, national and international media seeking to verify or debunk the information; phone calls from concerned community members demanding answers; and even threatening phone calls directly from the perpetrators of the disinformation.

The team needed to determine what messages to communicate proactively, to whom and through which channels; what messages to have ready exclusively for response only; how to determine which inquiries they would not respond to; and how to educate employees on all of these communications strategies — quickly! In this Case in Point, we will examine the strategies utilized throughout the incident that resulted in prompt and clear communication with all audiences — including a favorable editorial opinion published by the board of a major daily newspaper!

Participants of this Case in Point will learn how to set organizations up for success before they are faced with misinformation as well as help them navigate through a disinformation crisis.

By the end of this Case in Point, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the fastest and most effective ways to communicate with leaders and all employees throughout their organization.
  • Establish internal and external communications procedures now that can be easily activated for support during a misinformation crisis.
  • Build relationships with media contacts to ensure they have allies during a misinformation crisis.
  • Understand when to engage an audience, when not to engage an audience and why.
  • Help minimize the reach of misinformation on social media.


Accreditation Information

Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 APR Renewal CEUs for a Case in Point session.




Case in Point, Communication Strategy, Crisis & Reputation, Leadership & Management, On-Demand, Social Media

Recording Date

May 19, 2021