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Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect supports opportunity and advancement for new communication professionals.

PRSA supports new professionals and students by connecting them with experienced specialists who will coach, lead and advise these rising communication stars through Mentor Connect. We will be conducting the Mentor Connect pilot program beginning in early September, with enrollment launching in August 2020.

Can I join the pilot program?

Our pilot program seeks to support individuals from under-represented groups, specifically people of color, in keeping with PRSA's Diversity & Inclusion initiatives as defined in our D&I Strategic Plan. Whether you are just graduating college or changing careers, we are interested in having you join the pilot program as a mentee!

Both mentors and mentees will have access to special MyPRSA communities to learn, share resources and knowledge, and provide feedback about their experience. Participants will be required to sign a participation agreement outlining the goals and structure of the relationship.

What happens when the pilot program ends?
Mentor Connect will be made available to the broader membership in winter 2020/2021 after completion of the pilot program.

How to participate in the pilot program:
  • Pilot mentors will be able to enroll starting the week of Aug. 17.
  • Pilot mentees will be able to sign up beginning the week of Aug. 31.
  • Mentors will be required to attend a recorded training webinar and complete an eligibility self-certification survey before enrolling.

If you’re interested in participating in the pilot program as a mentor or mentee, or have any questions, please contact Susan Belanich at