Josh Collins

Josh Collins_headshot

Trauma is often best put to use as a powerful elixir in the journey of awareness for personal and organizational transformation. COVID-19 has no doubt done this to all of us in the travel industry. In light of the new normal and the evolving state of the travel industry, this is precisely where Josh Collins, TEDx Alum, Experience Architect and Head of Community + Education for Zartico, comes alive. 

Having worked with some of the most powerful and influential brands like Stevie Wonder, The Roots, John Legend, Jay-Z and many others for nearly 20 years, Josh now takes his deep understanding of human connection and experience design to Zartico leading the team in educating DMO’s, both large and small, on how to become better stewards of their destinations.

Josh serves on several boards including the Advisory Board for E-Tourism Summit; a Silicon-Valley-based Travel & Tourism conference and is a frequent speaker on Branding, Marketing, and Social Media, teaching brands how to connect with their audiences both online and off.



Experience Architect and Head of Community + Education Zartico