Michael Lasky

Michael Lasky (photo)

Clients facing complex business disputes and companies at inflection points call on Michael Lasky for his astute judgment and experienced counsel. At Davis+Gilbert LLP, Michael is co-chair of the firm’s Litigation + Dispute Resolution Group and founder and chair of the firm’s Public Relations Law Practice. He is best known for advising fast growing companies whose key assets are people and ideas. These include social media, digital, public relations and integrated marketing communication firms. He also regularly advises financial services, transportation and e-commerce companies.

With deep industry knowledge and a clear understanding of his clients’ objectives, Michael helps them grow their businesses, optimize their profitability and achieve their next-stage goals. For decades, Michael has been the legal advisor to several leading industry organizations, including The PR Council. Always taking a proactive approach to devise client solutions, Michael crafts strong and effective employment contracts and shareholder and incentive arrangements. He is also an authority on legal and risk management best practices and issues that arise when talent moves between competitive organizations.

As a former federal law clerk in New York and experienced trial attorney, Michael possesses uncommon insights when it comes to assessing risks in and out of the courtroom. He knows what arguments work and how best to marshal evidence to advocate each client’s position both zealously and credibly. Michael also knows when to go to court and when to negotiate an effective business solution.

He has successfully tried and resolved cases and arbitrations involving corporate transactions, shareholder disputes, breach of post-employment restrictive covenants, contentious employment and executive compensation claims, and other business contract and commercial matters. Often disputes have turned on his strategic pre-litigation analysis, successfully proving of the parties’ intent and creative use of legal precedent. Capitalizing on his courtroom experience with how judges evaluate evidence and risk, Michael has also mediated more than 100 cases in the federal court in New York as a court-appointed pro bono mediator.

Michael is also a co-author of "Employment Restrictive Covenants and Other Post- Employment Restrictions” in the highly acclaimed treatise, Commercial Litigation in New York Courts.


Partner/Co-Chair Davis+Gilbert LLP