Robynn Storey

Robynn Storey

Robynn Storey is the driving force behind Storeyline Resumes, an executive resume writing firm with an impressive 23-year legacy. Under her astute leadership, the company has evolved into the largest privately held executive resume writing firm in the United States, redefining the landscape of professional branding and career advancement.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Robynn has orchestrated remarkable success, having collaborated with more than 350,000 clients. Garnering over a million followers on LinkedIn, Robynn’s thought-provoking posts annually captivate a staggering 250 million individuals, solidifying her as an influential industry voice and catalyzing the firm’s exponential growth.

Robynn’s commitment to excellence extends beyond metrics. By sharing her personal anecdotes, industry insights, and astute observations on LinkedIn, she has cultivated a community of professionals who find solace and direction in her sagacious advice. She holds interviewers accountable, initiating a transformative discourse on job search ethics and interview dynamics. Her profound impact is exemplified by heartening testimonials from global executives, including a senior leader from a prominent European pharmaceutical corporation, who attests to Robynn’s counsel as a lodestar for their career journey.

The genesis of Storeyline Resumes emerged from Robynn’s resolute decision to reconcile her formidable corporate career with her maternal aspirations. Having flourished in esteemed roles such as Pepsi’s marketing and communications powerhouse, she embarked on an unconventional journey. Supported by her husband’s unwavering faith, Robynn traded her six-figure corporate job for the pursuit of entrepreneurship. Armed with a background in marketing and communications, she ventured into HR consulting, swiftly transitioning from family and friends’ pro bono resume services to establishing a thriving enterprise.

Robynn’s ingenuity lies in her avant-garde approach to resumes, meticulously crafting narratives that transcend job descriptions, instead spotlighting candidates’ transformative impact. Her innovative pricing model, offering comprehensive services below $1000, demonstrates her altruistic ethos of maximizing accessibility to her expertise. This philosophy is harmoniously echoed by her advocacy for empowering women to integrate work and family life, fostering a remote and family-centric work culture.

As the embodiment of her company’s values, Robynn’s impact extends to media platforms, where she is a sought-after interviewee for television, magazines, and newspapers. Her upcoming book, Career Confidence; No BS Stories and Strategies for Finding Your Power, slated for release in April 2024, epitomizes her dedication to empowering career enthusiasts with authentic guidance.


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