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2021 Bateman Case Study Competition

2021 Competition

In partnership with the PRSA Civility Task Force, the 2021 Bateman Case Study Competition focused on reversing the corrosion of civility in American life and fostering more constructive and inclusive public discourse in all corners of society. In 2020, PRSA defined civility as one of its leading priorities in its three-year strategic plan, developing tools and resources that are responsive to the current operating environment.

2021 Competition Judging Results

PRSSA Headquarters received 54 entries for the PRSSA 2021 Bateman Case Study Competition. Of these submissions, eight entries received honorable mention and three presented their campaigns to a panel of judges on May 13. The results are below:


  • First Place: California State University, Long Beach (summary)
  • Second Place: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • Third Place: Loyola University New Orleans

Honorable Mentions

  • California State University, Fullerton
  • Kent State University – Bateman Blue
  • Otterbein University
  • University of Central Oklahoma – Bronco Blue
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • University of South Carolina
  • Washington State University – PRogressf

PRSA/PRSSA would like to thank the judges of the Competition for their time and expertise.


  • Shanita Baraka Akintonde, MBA, M.Ed., DTM
  • Jill Alexander, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Sydney Ayers, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Mary Deming Barber, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Annabel Beyra, APR
  • David W. Brown
  • Gerard F. Corbett, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Amy T. Coward, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Connie Crowther
  • Ron Culp, Fellow PRSA
  • Anthony W. D’Angelo, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Debbie Davis, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Dawn M. Doty, APR
  • Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Lisa Ermak Nguyen
  • Henry Feintuch
  • Patrick Ford
  • Lois Foreman-Wernet, APR
  • Tom Gable, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Karen Garnik, APR
  • Lea-Ann O’Hare Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Jon Goldberg
  • Hatti L. Hamlin, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Stephen D. Iseman, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Gina Pesko Laughlin
  • Heather Radi-Bermudez, APR
  • Wilma Ruth King
  • Roland King, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Jennifer L. Kramer, APR
  • Darius T. Lane
  • Lauren Lawson-Zilai
  • Kim Marks Malone, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Mickey G. Nall, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Alison Novak, Ph.D.
  • Danielle Paleafico
  • Scott Pansky
  • Judith T. Phair, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Brian Price
  • Cheryl Procter-Rogers, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Gemma Puglisi
  • Gail E. Rymer, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Gary Saffitz
  • James M. Shackelford, APR
  • Emmanuel Tchividjian
  • Scott Thornburg, APR
  • Faith Ureel
  • Jody Weiss Venturoni