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PRSA 2017 Health Academy Conference

May 26–28 | Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Orlando

Thursday, May 8
Noon–1:30 p.m.
Luncheon Plenary

"Riding the Wave of Technology: How Market Research Informs Communications Strategy in the Changing Health Care Landscape"

Market research has reached new heights of sophistication, helping public relations practitioners better understand their target audiences and develop powerful strategies to influence these publics as never before. As increasing amounts of information becomes accessible, communications professionals are expected to transform the data into more tailored and meaningful messages. An informed strategy can also effectively evolve messaging to appeal to different audiences through the stages of a product’s commercialization, from investors and shareholders to regulators and health care professionals, and finally to patients and payers.
Spectrum Science Communications has assembled a panel of marketing, public relations and research experts that will review best practices to demonstrate how market research can be leveraged to create a nuanced approach to effective communication campaigns that resonate with niche subgroups of targeted populations.

Fabio Gratton, founder, Truvio
Lissette Linares, senior vice president, Spectrum
Carlen Lesser, senior vice president, digital strategy, Spectrum

Moderator: Jonathan Wilson, president, Spectrum

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