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PRSA 2017 Travel and Tourism Conference

May 21–24 | Palm Springs, Calif.

Monday, June 9
2:45–3:45 p.m.
Breakout Sessions: Set III
Master Track

“Goodbye, Ad Value Equivalency: Credibly and Honestly Measuring Earned Media”

Earned media — both news and social — is of growing importance in the marketing mix. However, most DMOs measure and communicate in antiquated and debunked metrics, such as Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVEs), which have no demonstrable relation to people’s opinions or behavior. We’ll show how DMOs are applying the PR industry standards of the Barcelona Principles to effectively measure and communicate their performance.
We will also unveil a new media performance report that could become the PR version of the Smith Travel Accommodations Report (STAR), which DMO and hotel sales teams use to benchmark their success. In this session, learn to harness purposeful data, and discover new trends in integrated marketing strategies and social media that will impact key functions such as communications, PR and research.
K.C. Brown, general manager, Cision Global Analysts

Scott Peacock, public relations/communications director, Positively Cleveland

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