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Upcoming Conferences

Counselors to Higher Education (CHE) Senior Summit

"The Forum for Leaders in Higher Education Communications"
April 13–15 │ New Orleans
Public relations counselors in higher education come together at the CHE Senior Summit to learn new communications strategies to advance their college or university. $100 Saver Rate Deadline: March 15

Health Academy Conference
"Advancing the Future of Health Care Communications"
April 20–22 │ Washington, D.C.
The Health Academy Conference is ideal if you work in health care or an organization allied to the field, or in a public relations agency serving health care clients. Held each spring, this annual conference provides industry perspective and communications strategies that will benefit your career. At a time of momentous change within the health care field, this conference will help you and your organization prepare for the future. $100 Saver Rate Deadline: March 21

Counselors Academy Conference 
"Your Agency Is Not an Island: Listen, Learn and Network With Agency Leaders on the Stunning Island of Puerto Rico"
May 1–3 │ Puerto Rico
Public relations agency owners and senior counselors come together at the Counselors Academy Conference to learn new strategies for managing their operations, clients and employees. $100 Saver Rate Deadline: March 31 

Employee Communications Conference
"Connect 16: Big Challenges. Bright Ideas."
May 11–13 │ Dallas
The Connect 16 Conference addresses the latest employee communications issues, focusing on how individual employees can impact their organization's reputation through technology and social media. $100 Saver Rate Deadline: April 12

Travel and Tourism Conference 
"Houston. . . We Have a Solution"
May 22–25 │ Houston 
The Travel and Tourism Conference offers the latest approaches for hospitality and travel communicators to help make the most of staff, budgets and time. $100 Saver Rate Deadline: April 30

Strategic Collaboration Conference
"Critical Skills and Attributes You Need to Connect and Evolve Your Communications"
May 24‒25 │ Chicago
The Strategic Collaboration Conference focuses on actionable approaches to leveraging the strengths of marketing, branding and advertising, while bridging internal silos to achieve more profound results. $100 Saver Rate Deadline: April 22

International Conference
Oct 23–25 │ Indianapolis
International Conference offers practical insight and networking for public relations professionals of all career levels, sectors, work environments and industries. Demonstrating value with actionable best practices is what drives the PRSA community and is the focus of this annual event. $300 Saver Rate Deadline: March 1

District Conferences
Southeast District Conference
"The Personal Side of PR"
April 6–8 │Knoxville, Tenn. 
Learn more about personalizing your efforts to communicate with your audience and about your personal public relations path — whether you’re just starting out or looking to learn something new. Saver Rate Deadline: Jan. 31

Western District Conference
"The PR Futurist: Embracing Industry Evolution" 
April 21–23 │Huntington Beach, Calif.
Join us to learn from PR leaders, communication trend experts and members of the media as they share their outlook on the future of public relations and how professionals can maintain responsible relevancy amid the flurry.

Northeast District Conference
"Eight PRSA Chapters. One Power Day."
June 13 │ Boston
On the docket: compelling programs about issues, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies to inform your professional life. You may arrive at PRXNE16 solo, but you will leave enriched, motivated and powerfully connected.
Sunshine District Conference
"PR Evolution: Many Platforms. Diverse Audiences. One Voice."
June 16–18 │Miami
This premier event features professional development workshops presented by nationally recognized experts in media relations, social media, crisis communications, and more. The two-day conference includes keynotes, breakout sessions, networking and other special treats. 

North Pacific District Conference
"Reboot and Retool in Reno"
June 23–24 │Reno, Nev.
The first North Pacific District PRSA conference in almost a decade is your chance to refresh and build upon your public relations skills and network with PRSA leaders, national and regional experts. $75–100 Saver Deadline: Jan. 31

Partner Events
"Make Your Copy More Creative" Writing Workshop
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
Feb. 23‒24, 2016 │ Phoenix
Learn how to write copy that grabs attention, keeps it longer, communicates more clearly, enhances credibility and is more likely to go viral. You’ll walk away with techniques — not just what to do, but how — for painting pictures in your audience members’ minds so they understand your points faster, enjoy your information more and remember it longer.

The Visual Communications and Infographics Summit for Corporate Communications
Presented by PRSA and Ragan Communications
Feb. 25‒26, 2016  │ Washington, D.C.
Attend this conference and go back to work a better visual storyteller. Discover new techniques to find, develop, or re-purpose visuals on several digital platforms to generate communications that excite and inspire customers and employees, raise brand awareness and get media attention.

Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications
Presented by PRSA and Ragan Communications
March 9‒11, 2016 │ Disney Resorts 
This conference will get you up to speed on proven PR, marketing and internal communications strategies for existing and emerging social media. Gain tips, tools and techniques so effective they will transform social media at your organization.

Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference
Presented by PRSA and Ragan Communications
March 15–17, 2016 │ Washington, D.C.
Spend two days with the world's best speechwriters and executive communicators, and continue to hone your skills with strategic approaches designed to energize and inspire.

PR and Media Relations Summit
Presented by PRSA and Ragan Communications
April 6–8, 2016 │ NYC
This summit will reveal, explore and explain the forces reshaping media and communications. You'll hear and see inspiring new practices guaranteed to help you take advantage of these forces. You can win the public's attention and get breakthrough results in the era of digital transformation. 

"Catch Your Readers" Writing Workshop
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
April 20‒21, 2016 │ Atlanta — June 28‒29, 2016 │ San Diego —
Nov. 2‒3, 2016 │ Houston
In this persuasive writing workshop, find scientific, proven-in-the-lab approaches for getting people to pay attention to, understand, remember and act on your messages.

"Cut Through the Clutter" Writing Workshop
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
May 11‒12, 2016 │ Chicago
In this tight-writing workshop, you’ll learn how to make every piece you write easier to read and understand. You’ll walk away with secrets you can use to reach more readers, measurably improve readability, sell tight writing to management — even help your company save time and money with tight writing.

World Public Relations Forum
Presented by the Global Alliance
May 29‒31, 2016 │ Toronto
The WPRF 2016 will be one of the largest assemblies of public relations and communications professionals from around the world, and a unique opportunity to gather professionals with academics, producing important outcomes for the advancement of the profession. 

"NOT Your Father’s News Release" Writing Workshop
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
July 27‒28, 2016 │ Portland
In this PR writing workshop, discover the latest techniques to go beyond PR 101 approaches to write media relations pieces that get posted and published and reach stakeholders directly.

"Get Clicked, Read, Shared & Liked" Writing Workshop
Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
Sept. 28‒29, 2016 │ New York
In this Web-writing workshop, overcome the online clutter and get the word out on the Web, in social media and via content marketing. 

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