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How the Personal Touch Is Still the Best Way to Cut Through the Media Clutter

July 22, 2013

Some things don’t change. Clients will always want more for less. They will always want to know the return on every dollar they’ve invested. They will always want to sell more products and provide more services. They will always want awareness, brand preference and customer loyalty to be on the rise. They will always want perceptions, attitudes and behavior changing in their favor. And they will always want all crises to be averted. These things won’t change, nor should they — if you are the client, then these are reasonable requests.

However, what has changed, and is changing by the hour, is how to accomplish these goals. More people, in more places, receive information using more media. So what’s next in the evolution of communications, and how will it empower change?

Here, Mike Rosen, managing principal at PRR Inc., a Seattle- and Washington, D.C.–based integrated communications consulting firm, who has worked on behalf of Nike, Starbucks and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, discusses “human-powered change” and how PR executives can confront these future realities.

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