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Media Relations Careers

Do you have what it takes to connect with the media daily to promote your company? Does organizing media events and coordinating press conferences sound like an interesting day-to-day job? If so then a job in media relations could be right for you.

Still not sure? Take a moment to read about the most popular media relations jobs (courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor).

Most Popular Jobs

Media Relations Specialist

Media relations specialists are responsible for moderating communications between the organization and various media outlets such as newspapers, radio broadcasts and television stations. They are responsible for informing the media when something new happens within the organization. Media relations specialists also communicate with journalists when a negative event happens.

Media Relations Director

Media relations directors are responsible for managing communication between the organization and various media outlets. They use press releases, media event and broadcasts to improve relationships with media sources and journalists to obtain optimum media coverage for the organization. Media relations directors oversee high-level communication between the organization and its media resources.