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Chapter Diversity Awards

The PRSA DEI Committee will award up to three PRSA Chapters with a Chapter Diversity Award. The awards are given to Chapters that embody and demonstrate key values in diversity, equity and inclusion, and that contribute to advancing diversity as shown by submissions of their best practices and/or case studies.

These awards recognize their local efforts, as well as provide further support for continued achievements at the Chapter level.

Application deadline is August 16, 2024.

2024 Application Form



Chapter DEI Awards eligibility is July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.


2024 Timeline

  • June 24: Award Entry Portal Opens
  • August 16: Close entries (provides eight weeks for entries to be submitted)
  • August 19 - 30: Judging of entries
  • Week of September 2: Inform award recipients

Thank you for your interest in the PRSA 2024 Chapter Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards.

These awards are given to Chapters that best embody and demonstrate key values in diversity, equity and inclusion, and contribute to advancing diversity as shown by their submissions.





Up to three Chapters may be recognized:

  • By being featured on the PRSA DEI web page
  • By participating in PRSA National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee initiatives (presentations, webinars, social media chats, social media events, etc.)
  • Through monetary awards ($300 for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third)

The application includes responses that outline:

  1. Your Chapter's definition of diversity, equity and inclusion
  2. Your Chapter’s achievements in supporting and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion


Entries MUST include:

  • Research: Summarize the primary and secondary research used to identify the opportunities to promote DEI by and within the Chapter.
  • Planning: Describe the program’s overall goal, purpose, and/or intended result. Identify the target audience(s), measurable objective(s) and the specific time period. Describe the strategies, tactics and budget and its application to the program. Entries are not judged on budget size, but on the best use of the available budget.
  • Implementation: Describe the elements or components, the techniques used, the strategies or tactics undertaken, how the program meets the objectives and how it addresses the audience(s).
  • Evaluation/Results: Demonstrate how the program met or exceeded its original measurement methods when available and appropriate to the entry. Media impression figures are not recommended as the sole quantitative measurement.

Chapters are encouraged to include supporting documentation/best practice details that further highlight your Chapter's diversity, equity and inclusion programming in support of your submission.

To apply for this award, your Chapter must have:

  • Initiated and/or maintained a diversity, equity and inclusion program between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024.
  • Demonstrated a significant contribution toward diversity, equity and inclusion.

Award entries are due by 5 p.m. Eastern on Friday, August 16, 2024.
Award recipients will be notified in early September.

Best Practices for Submission

  • Think big. Highlight comprehensive DEI efforts; big picture is better than a singular program. Demonstrate how your Chapter focused on DEI throughout the eligibility time period.
  • Focus on RPIE. Research – Planning – Implementation – Evaluation (aka Results). Be prepared to summarize your information for these sections.
  • Be clear on your research for a stronger entry. What quantitative or qualitative research guided your DEI work?
  • Include specific metrics. Demonstrate how you met your objectives.
  • Make it informative and engaging. Make the content interesting. Include challenges, successes, and lessons learned.
  • Highlight innovative approaches. This could be unique partnerships, technological integrations, or novel programs that set your efforts apart.
  • Demonstrate DEI commitment from Chapter leaders. Show that your Chapter’s top leaders from the Board and/or Past Presidents are involved with your DEI initiatives. This could include a brief quote, or better yet, note specific actions taken by leaders as a result of the DEI work.
  • Demonstrate engagement beyond the Chapter. Did you collaborate with local groups or PRSSA students on your DEI work? Show how the work extended beyond the Chapter to engage others.
  • Include attachments to guide your narrative. Do you have photos or designs from an event? Include several on a PDF so judges can literally see what you’re referring to in your entry.
  • Proofread! Proof your entry thoroughly for clarity, grammar, and adherence to submission guidelines. A sloppy entry or one missing the basic criteria can result in lower scoring of what might otherwise be a stellar entry.