Make Video Work for You: Driving Media Outreach and Social Media Engagement


The inclusion of video in reporters’ stories continues to increase. Georgia Tech’s media relations team has found repeated success coupling press releases and media pitches with video packages. Of the 10 most viewed videos on our YouTube channel, seven were produced to support press releases (each with 100,000+ views). The videos are creative and varied — often with researchers on camera explaining their findings, sometimes alongside our media team. They are never “talking heads” and always include b-roll. Video also is integral to the success of our social media team, which is ranked nationally among American colleges. In 2016, seven of the 10 top posts were live feeds or video (each with 300,000+ views). Our social media live shots take audiences behind the scenes, providing an experience unique to our institution’s brand. This webinar will expand on these strategies to explain when incorporating video is the correct approach. We will focus on how to prepare researchers to be on camera, quick tips on equipment and setup, and how to choose sound bites and b-roll. It’s possible to produce video without a long turnaround time when you have personnel with the right skills. We also will discuss the tactics that have landed placement in top-tier outlets such as The New York Times and “The Today Show.” Finally, we’ll explore how video influences our social media engagements, taking a closer look at gifs, short video segments and live elements.

Learn how and when to use video:

 Not all press releases need video. In fact, video can be a waste of time if not strategically positioned with media outreach. We will discuss why “talking head” videos have very limited appeal to reporters, the ideal length for videos and the best sound bites to choose. Video should not regurgitate a press release; it must enhance the written component. We also will discuss quick tips about lighting and audio, and a range of equipment options.

Pitching video to media:

 We will outline strategies that have been successfully used by Georgia Tech to land top-tier media placement. We’ll show how a video link or photo can be used to avoid the email PR folks dread to write: “Did you get my email?” Also, reporters must see the value of including your video in their story. A PR professional must be flexible to provide additional and/or raw video. We’ll discuss ways to share this content.

Using video in social media:

 Just because a video is successful with reporters doesn’t mean it’s ideal for social media. Sometimes a new, shorter or more focused video is necessary. Sound isn’t a requirement, and a gif could be the best way to share on social. Attendees will learn when to use which type of content as well as the value of Facebook Live. Here’s a hint: Don’t do it just for the sake of saying you did.


Accreditation Information

Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 CEUs for a webinar.




1 hour, 5 minutes


Media Relations, On-Demand, Social Media, Webinar

Recording Date

June 5, 2018