Future Trends of PR and Communications


In this one-hour webinar, public relations pro Stephen Dupont, APR, vice president of public relations and branded content, Pocket Hercules, shares his insights about what’s around the corner for PR and communications professionals in 2022 as well as the years ahead.

Applying a futurist mindset, Dupont will explore what trends are driving change in the public relations profession such as:

  • Social media – Will Facebook and Google be broken up by the U.S. government? What might be the new things after TikTok?
  • Media – Will the number of journalists leaving journalism continue to accelerate? Will there be newspapers in five years? What’s next after podcasts and vblogs? How will you pitch media in the future?
  • Influencers – Rise of microinfluencers? Is everyone an influencer?
  • Technology – Email, really? Virtual reality and augmented reality? AI, blockchain? Video, video, video.
  • Events – Will in-person trade shows and conferences return after Covid-19? Are VR conferences the future?
  • Culture – BLM, MeToo, climate change, political polarization and other movements that may affect internal and external communications.
  • Agencies – Here come the management consulting firms! PR firms go into advertising. Digital firms evolve into PR firms?
  • Back to the future – Retro PR: back to focusing on one-on-one relationships?

By participating in this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Trends that are reshaping traditional, social and owned media.
  • Trends such as new technology that will redefine how you communicate with stakeholders.
  • Trends that will inform where and when you work.
  • How to prepare for these changes and remain nimble for more changes to come in the decade ahead.


Accreditation Information

Participants with the APR credential earn 0.5 CEUs for a webinar.




Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, Emerging Trends, On-Demand, On-Demand Webinar, Social Media, Techniques & Tactics

Recording Date

August 12, 2021