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College of Fellows Officer Nominations

College of Fellows Headshots

To lead the best, we need the best.  

Since the College of Fellows was founded in 1989, PRSA has welcomed tens of thousands of members, but just over 700 have been inducted into the College of Fellows: the “gold standard” for leadership and service in the public relations profession.

Are you ready to lead our community of extraordinary leaders?

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Officer Positions: Eligibility and Availability

College of Fellows Officers are elected by the membership to serve one-year terms beginning January 1, with the exception of the Chair-Elect, who moves on to serve as Chair and then as Immediate Past Chair. Officers of the College comprise the Executive Committee. This three-year commitment provides continuity and supports engagement among those who serve at the highest levels of College of Fellows leadership. 

Open positions include chair-elect, vice chair, and secretary-treasurer. Each position is filled annually through the College's nomination process. All applicants – including those who are serving or have previously served as Officers – are considered as new candidates. 

Officers may not succeed themselves in the same office. However, a person serving the remainder of an unexpired term may be elected to a full term in that office.


Duties and Responsibilities of College of Fellows Executive Committee

Serving on the College of Fellows Executive Committee provides unique opportunities for members to expand their leadership and service in PRSA and our profession.

In partnership with the College’s committee chairs, the Executive Committee supports the College’s Standards of Excellence through implementation of the College of Fellows Strategic Plan.

Serving as Secretary-Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair-elect of the College provides unique opportunities to learn about and lead signature College programs. Those experiences are invaluable for those who ultimately serve as chair of the College.

Additionally, each year that you serve as an Officer, you have a voice and a vote in important decisions about the College and its future.

Duties and responsibilities of College of Fellows Officers can be found here.



College of Fellows Programs and Events

2019 COF Master Class

Annual highlights include the GoodFellows program, selection of the new class of PRSA Fellows, and planning for the College of Fellows Induction Celebration.

College of Fellows programs also include:

  • APR Marketing: advocating for accreditation and support of future Fellows
  • Diversity & Inclusion: supporting diversity & inclusion in the College of Fellows, PRSA and the public relations profession
  • Education Initiatives: supporting Fellows who are educators or wish to pursue a career in education
  • Mentoring: partnerships include PRSSA, PRSA’s New Professionals Section and the “Aspire Higher: Future Fellows” program at colleges and universities across the country
  • Professional Development for members of the College
  • Sage Award: honoring a Fellow who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to mentoring
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Communications
  • Strategic Planning

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online by 5 p.m. EDT on Monday, July 1, 2024.
Nominations by petition must be submitted by July 31, 2024.  
For questions or assistance, please contact us at fellows@prsa.org


College of Fellows Executive Committee
Recruitment Timeline


Call for applications

JulyJuly 1

Deadline for applications and signed “Willingness to Serve” form: 5 p.m. EDT


Nominating Committee deliberations and recommendations


Invitation to active Fellows for nomination by petition

 July 31

Deadline for nominations by petition: 5 pm EDT

AugustAugust 15*

If more than one candidate has been brought forward, a ballot containing the names of all persons nominated by the Nominating Committee and anyone nominated by petition will be sent to all active members of the College.

 August 22*

All ballots are due to PRSA headquarters no later than 5 pm EDT. 
After the ballots are counted, calls will made to candidates.

August 23

The Nominating Committee Chair presents the slate of officers to the College of Fellows Leadership Team.

August 26

An announcement of newly-elected officers will be sent by email to all active members of the College with additional communication in the monthly College newsletter and through the College’s social media channels.

 New officers will be recognized at the College’s Annual Meeting and Induction Celebration and will have the opportunity to connect with outgoing officers.


Application to Serve as an Officer of the PRSA College of Fellows in 2025

Completed applications (Willingness to Serve form, biography, candidate statement, headshot photo and letters of recommendation) must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. EDT on July 1 for consideration for the following calendar year.

Willingness to Serve Form

I affirm that I am asking the PRSA College of Fellows Nominating Committee to consider me as a candidate for the College of Fellows Executive Committee.

Please consider me as a candidate for the position of (select one):

If the Nominating Committee does not select me as the candidate for the position checked above, I will accept consideration for an alternate position:

I understand that in order to be considered for nomination, I must submit this form to the College of Fellows Nominating Committee, along with a biography, headshot photo, candidate statement outlining my qualifications, and a maximum of three letters of recommendation from Fellows.  

If elected by my peers to serve as a member of the Executive Committee, I affirm that: (1) I am willing to fulfill this responsibility to the best of my abilities; and (2) I will commit the time necessary to fulfill the obligation. I further agree to abide by the PRSA Bylaws, PRSA Code of Ethics, College of Fellows Policies & Procedures and College of Fellows Standards of Excellence.


500 word limit

Please outline your qualifications as well as contributions you can make to the College of Fellows Executive Committee and the College. 250 word limit.

Letters of Recommendation

Please submit a maximum of three (3) letters of recommendation from College of Fellows members only (300 word limit per letter). The following list must match the names on the letters received on your behalf.

Recommendation letters should be emailed to fellows@prsa.org or uploaded below before the July 1 deadline.



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