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Group Membership

Group Membership is a great way to demonstrate the value of professional development within your organization, and create easy access to continuing education on topics of special interest to public relations and communications professionals.

  • For more information, please contact Group Membership Sales at groupmembership@prsa.org
  • Teams of five or more members never pay an initiation fee, which represents a savings of $65 per member.
  • Group Members are also eligible for discounts on a number of PRSA offerings.


  • 5-9 members: $267 per member.
  • 10-20 members: $252 per member.
  • 21-49 members: $232 per member.
  • Have a group of 50 or more? Contact us to learn about our special pricing.


  • Provide immediate training on the latest tactics and strategies through online and in-person events.
  • Help build business through connections to an engaged network of public relations and communications colleagues.
  • Keep your team up to date with the latest news on developments in PR and trends in industry communications.

Benefits For Your Team

As an Employer, How Do You Benefit?

Sharpen your team’s focus, and demonstrate the fastest and most efficient approaches to building business with PRSA Group Membership through:

  • Training Programs: Instantly access more than 40 live and on-demand webinars, which offer cutting-edge tools and techniques from industry thought leaders.
  • Industry News: Find the top industry headlines in one place when they’re delivered straight to your inbox through PRSA's Issues & Trends daily newsletter and the monthly Strategies & Tactics newspaper.
  • Campaigns & Research: Uncover the latest best practices in Silver Anvil Award-winning case studies and members-only research.
  • Community Involvement: Network with local professionals in your Chapter, as well as sector-specific colleagues in our national Professional Interest Section communities.

Exclusive Group-Only Discounts:

  • New Member Initiation Fee Waived: Saves $65 per member.
  • Scaled National and International Memberships:
    • 5-9 members: $267 per member.
    • 10-20 members: $252 per member.
    • 21-49 members: $232 per member.
    • Have a group of 50 or more? Contact us to learn about our special pricing.
  • Transferability: Should your staffing change, let us know. Only Group membership offers a full 12-month value ― one of the most popular Group benefits.

Group Membership Program Criteria

PRSA’s Group Membership Process Is Set Up to Support You

If you’re considering enrolling your team in the Group Membership Program, we’ve set some criteria to ensure that this program provides the greatest return on investment:

  • Minimum of five employees join at the same time.
  • All employees must join as the same member type.
  • A Group Member Application for all new members is needed, along with payment.
  • Payment methods accepted are credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), ACH or company checks.

Once you’ve become a PRSA Group, our straightforward process includes:

  • One convenient renewal date for the entire team.
  • One invoice detailing payment for each member, which will be sent to the Group contact.
  • The ability for additional members to join the Group at any time during the year. Dues will be prorated accordingly.
  • Easily transferable memberships for when an employee changes departments or leaves your organization.
  • Annual billing for renewals, after the first year.
  • Availability of multi-year memberships at an additional discount.

Download PRSA’s Group membership brochure for more details!

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Join your colleagues at these organizations by taking advantage of our group membership benefits now!

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
State Farm Insurance
TD Bank
University of Georgia


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