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Paid, earned, shared and owned are the essential methods for distributing content in today’s increasingly interconnected, silo-smashing business environment. Learn more in this section about how the PESO model is defined, and how it works, to help you understand how to build powerful campaigns that produce results.

Paid Media, aptly termed, is exactly that: media that you pay for. Examples include such long-established buys as radio, TV and billboards ads, as well as newer opportunities such as paid social media results and buying email lists.

Earned Media mostly comprises results from traditional PR methods and outreach, such as media coverage, press and customer reviews, and word-of-mouth.

Shared Media, in its most basic form, is social media, where content is talked about, interacted with and passed around in different formats and among different constituencies.

Owned Media is content that an organization or individual creates and controls, such as websites, blogs, videos, etc.



The Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

Influencer campaign strategies are helping public relations and marketing professionals to expand and engage their audiences. However, specific tactics can make a difference in the success of an influencer. Here are four tips on how to make influencer marketing more effective.

Informing, Persuading and Integrating: When Is the Right Time to Turn Tradition on Its Head?

PR pioneer Edward Bernays said public relations is about informing, persuading or integrating people with people. With the rapid evolution of new technologies, the public relations industry is moving away from traditional methods of communication to using owned media to inform, shared media to persuade and paid media to integrate. 

Mind Your Metrics: Building a Measurement Strategy Across Paid, Earned and Owned Media

Paid, earned and owned media measurements can provide valuable insights into influence and engagement. Professionals must properly discern what their metrics are conveying by evaluating specific measurement strategies regarding their content’s reach, engagement or authority.

100 years of Oreo: How the iconic cookie brand is using social media

Creating a social moment can help build and maintain an audience. Oreo leveraged the power of shared content to create “Oreo Moments,” influence social sharing and increase its social followers around the world.

Delivering on the Promise: 6 Steps to Building Brands with Great Stories and Memorable Content

Owned content can help organizations build their brands and become great storytellers. Here are six steps to help you create great content and reach your target audiences.