Creating a Culture of Innovation

By creating a priority of innovation in your agency, you will more greatly engage with your clients and help them to identify new opportunities. Join entrepreneur and innovator Ira M. Gostin as he demonstrates how PR agencies can create an environment of innovation and leading to a stronger and more robust internal culture as well as help your clients do the same. Gostin recently participated in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship post-graduate program in Stanford’s School of Engineering. He will share the concepts of design thinking and how it can revitalize your team and grow your agency.

Participants will learn:
1 The concepts of design thinking and how they lead to innovation,
2 Actionable ways to start your team innovating when you return and
3 How this change of leadership can grow your business.

Ira M. Gostin, MBA, APR
Ira is a marketer, communicator, entrepreneur and storyteller who truly thrives on helping companies create growth opportunities. He currently works with global brands to create strategic IR, communications and marketing campaigns to help them move the needle.
He has created and sold an agency, been a senior executive at one of the most creative full-service agencies in the region and helped propel a multinational, publicly traded company from a $400 million IPO to $5 billion in market cap with listings on the TSX and NYSE. Ira has worked on over $1 billion in equity raises and acquisitions in his career.
Ira is as comfortable in a suit and tie on the floor of the stock exchange as he is with safety gear and hard-hat at a mine site.
He has a bachelor's degree from California State University, Long Beach, an MBA with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Phoenix, Reno, and is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at Columbia University. Ira has also attended executive education at New York University, Stanford University and the Colorado School of Mines.
Ira mentors business start-ups and students through numerous organizations and is a mentor with the UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Long Beach Accelerator, The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada, Reno and at California State University, Long Beach.
In 2021, Ira was named Communications strategist of the Year and an innovator to Watch. G8 Strategies has won numerous national awards for their work. Ira earned his Accreditation in Public Relations in 2017.
Ira's home base is Reno, Nevada, with his wife Erin, adult children and dogs. He is a baseball enthusiast, coffee aficionado and Formula 1 racing fan. In his spare time, he and his wife travel the West with dogs and kayaks, enjoying the outdoors.

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