When people talk about the value of being a PRSA Health Academy Section member, often they’ll say “networking” or “education.” They’re right, but it goes way deeper than that.

Being a Health Academy member provides one of the scarcest values in our industry: confidence. The Health Academy is a community of effective, ethical professionals who do what they say they’re going to do. That’s a rarity in just about any field.

That means that when you get insight from the members of the Health Academy Section, you can bet that it’s some of the most dependable information in the communications sector. From our annual conference and webinars to media articles and posts on the Health Academy online community, those insights have been vetted by experienced professionals who’ve tackled challenges like yours.

In a world where so-called PR “experts” pop up overnight all the time — and where the ethics of communications is vitally important to everyone — trusting the information you get about an evolving profession is worth the cost of admission alone.

Being a Health Academy member also creates confidence in your career path. I’m immensely grateful for the career advice I’ve received from countless mentors and friends along the way. Not only has membership opened doors to new opportunities, friends and colleagues have helped me think through those career decisions.

Finally, it’s about energy. I thrive on the energy in our profession: both contributing energy to it and drawing on it. The Health Academy gives me access to the enthusiasm, momentum and innovation of nearly 900 members. I always appreciate bringing that energy to campaigns, clients and colleagues.

This is a pivotal time in our industry. Our ability to adapt to a continually shifting communications environment and build trust with our audiences has never been more valuable. But our future together will hinge on our ability to confidently strategize and execute — that’s where the value of the PRSA Health Academy community comes in.

Brendon Shank is a Philadelphia-based consultant specializing in communications alignment.
Twitter: @bshank