PRSA Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Jobs

Public Relations Job Descriptions

Job Title: Public Relations Counselor or Account Manager

Function: To provide professional counsel and account service and manage firm’s relationships with clients. Reports to senior counselor or director of client services.


  1. Provides high-quality professional advice and service to clients according to acceptable standards of the profession and the firm.
  2. Manages day-to-day client activities, including research, planning, implementation and evaluation of public relations activities, and paying careful attention to budgets, resources, deadlines and client records.
  3. Maintains close and frequent contact with clients, and strengthens rapport between the company and the client.
  4. Coordinates and supervises staff and vendors needed to carry out client service requirements, and ensures quality, cost-effective service, within budget and established timeframe.
  5. Prepares effective, comprehensive public relations programs and plans that are well organized and well written, with detailed time and dollar budgets that are appropriate to client needs and reasonable with regard to resource utilization. Ensures efficient execution of plans.
  6. Conducts personal activities in accordance with the professional standards of PRSA.
  7. Reviews and approves accuracy of client time and expense reports necessary for invoicing, ensuring the attachment or inclusion of proper support data.
  8. Demonstrates effective knowledge of community leadership and the workings of local, municipal and state government.
  9. Demonstrates effective knowledge of print, electronic and Internet media, particularly those that impact client activities.
  10. Writes effectively for various media as required.
  11. Ensures personal compliance with company policies and procedures.
  12. Ensures that conference, action, monthly, time and expense reports are completed in a timely manner.
  13. Ensures that supervisors are kept fully informed regarding activities and plans of individuals and clients.
  14. Keeps work area and files neat, clean and orderly.
  15. Works harmoniously with fellow employees.
  16. Seeks new business opportunities.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned.

Method of Evaluation

  1. Compliance with corporate policies and procedures.
  2. Client retention and profitability.
  3. Client satisfaction with service.
  4. Accomplishment of client objectives within time and dollar budgets.
  5. Rapport with community and media leadership.
  6. Rapport with staff.
  7. Quality of research, planning, writing and evaluation.
  8. Professional development.
  9. New business development.
  10. Initiative to independently perform assigned tasks.

Note: Excerpted from the Counsel monograph, “Hiring the Brightest and Training Them to Be the Best,” by Michael L. Herman, APR, Fellow PRSA. Counsel is a publication of the PRSA Counselors Academy.