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MBA Form

MBA-Level Strategic Communications Course Application Form

and its graduate program in business administration for consideration to participate in PRSA’s MBA-level program in Strategic Communications/Reputation Management.

will do the following:

1. Offer an MBA-level Strategic Communications/Reputation Management course during the coming academic year that meets these criteria:

  • Course content is focused on teaching the strategic role of communications
  • It is offered as a required course or an elective
  • It will be offered on at least an annual basis
  • It is taught in the classroom or online
  • The syllabus covers content similar to that in the sample (PRSA will need to review/approve syllabus for participating schools)

review/approve all public relations and marketing collateral before it is publicly disseminated.

3. Provide course evaluations to PRSA MBA Committee during varying timeframes:

  • Mid-point (if school conducts mid-point course evaluations)
  • Completion of the course’s first semester or session (for seminar formats of the initiative)
  • End of subsequent semesters/sessions
4. Maintain a confidential database of all course evaluations. They will be used by PRSA and participating
   schools to gather information for continuous improvement of the program
5. OPTIONAL: Offer a participating faculty member or administrator as a spokesperson for media interviews regarding the success of the program and the value of strategic communications for future business leaders

PRSA has designed this program for universities that have a clear understanding of and commitment to strategic communications. As the program is multi-dimensional, PRSA welcomes a wide range fo institutions to participate. All candidates will be evaluated carefully. Please submit the following material with application form:

• cv of the faculty member who will be teaching the course

This field is required

• The intended course format to be offered (select one):Select a choice

• university accreditations

Additional Documents

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Note from PRSA: The submission of materials is optional. These materials may include but are not limited to: an MBA program description or background piece, faculty member biographies and course evaluations, references, and honors or awards