3 Steps to Plan and Organize for the New Year

January 2020
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The new year is now upon us, and it’s time to continue forecasting and planning for 2020. But instead of writing down the usual resolutions that are quickly forgotten, opt for an inspiration reset. 

Here’s how it works: Rather than thinking about what you can change about yourself moving forward, try a reset, “an intentional shift away from stressors and toward inspiring refreshers that help you clear the clutter in your mind and focus on opportunities,” suggests Thrive Global.

There is a lot of insight to be gained from looking backward: Think back on the highlights, low points and any pivotal moments in the past year. This may look different for each person — using a calendar, journal, photos — and can be a positive or negative experience. 

“This can be useful if you think about what you learned from the experience and how it helped you grow, in order to produce inspiration you need to bring at least equal focus to your positive impact and accomplishments,” according to the article. 

A few more ideas to reduce stress and breed inspiration: Take a personal day to decompress, talk things through with a friend or write down what you are thankful for. Go for a walk outside and focus on your breathing. Make the most of your time with family and friends. Create a soothing bedtime routine to ensure that you are relaxed.

Also think about what motivates you and how you can be your best self. “How can you build this into your life more readily and with consistency?” asks Thrive Global. “What are the five most important things I want to make sure happen this year and why are these important to me?”

Set aside time for yourself during your day and add these moments to your calendar as if they are meetings, appointments or events. Life can get busy quickly, so make time for energy boosts like this, says the article. “Good intentions won’t be enough — schedule and protect time for these.”

Think about who and what can help you achieve those goals, which behaviors or habits you need to adjust to be successful, and how you can take care of yourself to make sure that you are healthy, relaxed and balanced.

Instead of making empty promises that you don’t follow through on, try these three steps to inspire, refresh and recharge yourself for the year ahead.

1. Start by reflecting on the previous 12 months.

2. Give yourself a physical, emotional and mental boost.

3. Envision the future: Create an inspiration plan for the coming year.

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