5 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Technology

October 2021
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From self-driving cars that deliver pizza and drones that drop off Amazon orders, to the prospect of casual weekend vacations to the moon, technology is changing and advancing the way we live and work at lightning speed. Blink, and there’s a new invention ready to solve a problem, and make your life easier and infinitely more exhilarating. 

As industries adapt to a technologically advanced future, the pressure is on for those of us who practice communications and public relations to advance our own work speed, flexibility and efficiency in order to remain effective, while continuously demonstrating our value and relevance. It’s vital to our careers — and important to organizational leadership.

According to the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relation’s 2019 Global Communications report, “PR: Tech: The Future of Technology in Communication,” the vast majority of CEOs expect to see their communications teams demonstrate efforts that indicate a clear connection to tangible business goals. One-third of CEOs identified customer experience optimization as a primary objective, followed by audience targeting, measurement of results, trend predication and crisis management. 

Your boss expects you to use PR technology to advance the big-picture goals of your company, but it’s not just the organization that benefits. As a communicator, you need access to technology that can help you do your job more conveniently, efficiently and successfully, especially as your responsibilities increase. 

So, where do you find those resources? While our peers in the marcom industry seem to have access to an abundance of technology to support their day-to-day tasks, the tools available to PR pros are less abundant — but, if you know where to look, you can find the support you need. Consider this a starting point in your efforts to impress your boss with your advanced approach, while adding vital innovation to your expertise.

1. The latest innovations in PR tech

Your boss expects you to stay up to date on the most effective PR tools, tech and apps available, as well as how they can benefit your company. This includes software for creating more visually engaging press releases, social media automation tools and platforms that can help you build more effective PR strategies. 

2. Where to look to find the latest technology, tools and trends

At your company or organization, leadership will likely look to you as a source for insight and updates on the latest technology. Keep tabs on the latest via platforms like HubSpot, which continually updates helpful lists of top marketing tools. News sites such as TechCrunch and The Verge publish the latest tech-related news, feature stories and product reviews.

3. How to use technology to benefit your organization

Your boss wants you to be able to align the technology you use with tangible business goals. That means using the latest tech tools and platforms to reach the right audience the right way — connecting with journalists, creating more engaging press releases, building strategic campaigns designed to elevate your organization’s mission and message, and monitoring results to ensure that your strategy and company goals align. 

4. How to use technology to your advantage 

While the big picture is important, don’t forget to reflect on how technology can help you personally. Automation tools will make your life easier by adding convenience and efficiency. AI tools like Feedly can give you a lasting professional boost by helping you deepen your knowledge of a specific industry, expand your contacts and broaden your insights.  

5. Which questions to ask yourself before adopting new PR technology

With a growing list of tech tools at your disposal, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. As you analyze your options, ask yourself these four questions: 

  • How will this tool benefit my organization? 
  • How will it make my job easier and improve my output? 
  • What are other pros saying about it? (Reading reviews and asking around is an easy way to avoid duds and stick with proven platforms.) 
  • And finally, does this tool fit our budget? While some options are free, others can be pricey. Take advantage of trial periods so you can “try before you buy.” And, make sure the potential benefits justify the cost. 

Technological advancements are everywhere — and the PR profession isn’t an exception. When used the right way, the right tech tools and resources can help you work more efficiently, reach more people and strengthen your overall strategies, ultimately benefiting your organization and your career. 

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