6 Things to Know About Remote Hiring

September 2020
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Even though our work lives as we know them have been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic, recruiters are still hiring for new jobs. “As the ground continues to shift under our feet, companies are working to adjust their recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes to fit the circumstances,” according to an article from The Muse.

While the interview process is now remote from start to finish, there is more flexibility and saved time for the candidates and the interviewers, as everything takes place in the comfort of your home. The process is also accelerated, which can be helpful if you have an urgent need for help.

As for the interview itself, not much is different. First, remember to dress professionally, show up early and make sure you’re well-prepared. Be ready to share how you can contribute to the team, ask questions and send a thank-you note afterward.

Practice doing both phone and video interviews. Check your headphones and microphone in advance, and make sure your background isn’t distracting. It’s also OK to be human. “We’re all interviewing from home, which means roommates might accidentally step into the frame, kids might cry, dogs might bark. Plan ahead to minimize the chances of unplanned interruptions,” the article says.

With the move to remote working, hiring managers are looking for people who are “self-motivated, [can] collaborate digitally and communicate effectively,” says The Muse.

Highlight your proactive nature and strong communication skills, demonstrate an interest in integrating into the team and get creative about playing up your strengths. Also prepare to talk about how you handle challenges, as hiring managers are looking for positivity and resilience during these difficult times.

Many people are new to a remote working environment, so share your questions and concerns. Everyone is trying their best and there are many unknowns. So you’ll need to be adaptable, patient, communicative and proactive.

Interviews are about finding the right fit for everyone involved. Think about if the company is “a match for your goals, priorities and work style,” says The Muse.

Here are six things you need to know about the hiring process.

1. The hiring process will all be virtual.
2. There might be more rounds of interviews.
3. Communication and collaboration are more important than ever.
4. Interviewers want to know how you handle challenges.
5. Things might not be smooth and straightforward.
6. Interviews are a two-way street.

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