7 Ways to Help Your Team Prioritize and Hit Deadlines

September 2023
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During our interview process, we often joke that if you’re someone who needs to complete everything on your to-do list each day, then the agency world might not be for you. 

All joking aside, when you work in an agency, client needs aren’t always predictable, nor is the nature of the work. Requests often come flying in when you are working on another deadline. There’s also the issue of work not going precisely as planned and taking much longer than expected. These pivots prevent you from progressing on the task list.

It’s akin to running in circles. Sometimes you are right back at the same place on your to-do list the next day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Knowing the frenetic nature of agency work in an always-on world, we’ve learned it comes down to prioritization. 

Over the years, we’ve explored many different creative ways to prioritize. Here are seven ways that have worked for our team:  

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