A Communicator’s Real Value? Connecting the Dots

March 2023
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Presented by Lockheed Martin, a proud sponsor of PRSA's ICON 2022.

In the corporate world, communicators have a unique ability to see nearly all aspects of the business. This leads to connected storytelling and a solid return on investment (ROI).

Paint a picture

Lockheed Martin is a large corporation with a single strategy. Our business areas set objectives to meet that strategy — along with other culture and process initiatives. 

In our business, the communications team focuses on the big picture and shapes a narrative to explain how individual initiatives connect. 

One result was a simple graphic — a series of connected dots — that is embraced by employees at all levels.

Deeper insights

As the world’s largest defense and security company, hiring engineers is always a priority. Early outreach about STEM career options is critical, so our communications team linked recruiting, engineering and philanthropy efforts for a larger collective impact.

We designed a high school intern program where students work at Lockheed Martin to see how their STEM interests and classes translate to real-world opportunities. About two-thirds of high school interns become full-time employees after college graduation. 

Bottom line

Use your role as a communicator to connect dots and help drive your business’ success!

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