Communicating Expectations and Staying Productive When Working Remotely

April 2024
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It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since we first faced a pandemic that shut down the world in a matter of days. Offices quickly transitioned from places where we spent our days in cubicles Monday through Friday, to workspaces that we set up at home so we could conduct business remotely via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

In the public sector, where I am employed, remote work was unheard of before the pandemic. Working from home was not an option for most public-sector employees. Providing public services remotely from your house was not considered a viable alternative to working from the office.

Four years later, it’s clear that the way we work, in both the private and public sectors, will never be the same. The pandemic has proven to be the catalyst for one of the most impactful cultural shifts in both the public and private sectors. Most employers have adopted hybrid-work models and maintained remote work as an option. The hybrid approach allows for more flexibility and has contributed to overall employee satisfaction, studies have found.

How can we make sure that remote teams stay motivated and engaged in their work? Here are four ideas to try, whether you manage teams in the private or public sector.
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